At Slumber Ease Mattress Factory, We Build Mattresses for Individuals

We are all different, therefore we custom-fit all our mattresses on a case by case basis. This is where we have a decisive advantage over “National Brand” and local “Discount” dealers, distributors, warehouses, and showrooms.

We have been manufacturing our mattresses with expertise and care right here in Marysville, Washington since 1962. Slumber Ease Mattress Factory offers superior quality at a fraction of the cost of national brands.

Highest Quality and Materials

We do not compromise when it comes to the quality of our products. We source high quality materials, using a combination of traditional methods and advanced technologies to make sure your sleep is as sound as possible

Pacific Northwest Craftsmanship

At Slumber Ease, we cherish everything that is made locally. We make all of our products right here in Marysville, WA, and we care about the impact we make upon our customers’ lives. Being local, we can always show you our factory and showroom, so you can see first hand how your mattress was built.


We all have different needs and special requests, so there is no one mattress that will please everyone. Thus we test, fine-tune, and improve our mattresses on a continuous basis, taking into account our clients’ preferences and unique characteristics when building a mattress

50 Years of Experience

Slumber Ease Mattress Factory has been designing and producing premium mattresses since 1962.

Made Locally with Traditional and Modern Manufacturing

This is one of our manufacturing spaces where we hand assemble our made to order mattresses. We use a combination of dependable legacy machinery from our origins and modern tools to create your mattress.

hand assembled mattresses
Our mattresses are built right here in the Pacific Northwest.
Premium mattresses at a fraction of the cost
We'll build a durable custom mattress that is tailored entirely around you.


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