Last updated on March 14th, 2024 at 10:39 am

A new mattress, especially a custom mattress replacement designed for your specific sleep needs, can transform your sleep quality and help you overcome restlessness. But do you really need to replace your current mattress just yet? Here are 8 signs it’s time for a new custom mattress.

1. Your Mattress is Sagging

Sagging is a clear sign that your mattress has worn out. If your mattress sags, it can no longer provide the support it was intended to and probably feels less comfortable than it did when it was new. The discomfort of a saggy mattress may even disrupt your sleep.

2. The Box Springs Are Noisy

Innerspring mattresses, which are the most common type of mattress, tend to wear out after 5-10 years. You’ll usually notice because the springs will stop compressing well and make a lot more noise. That means your mattress is no longer able to absorb shocks and provide support the way it used to.

3. Your Mattress Is Damaged

A damaged mattress can only work so well. If your mattress became damaged during a move or from some household mishap, you may want to replace it, especially if the damage causes it to sag.

4. You Sleep Better In Other Mattresses

Most people do not sleep as well on mattresses in hotels and other people’s homes as they do in their own bed. That’s because a different sleep environment can disturb a person’s ability to fall and stay asleep. If you find that the opposite is true for you, it’s a sign your mattress is not functioning well and you would be better off with a new one.

5. Your Mattress Is More Than 10 Years Old

While some mattresses last longer than others, most wear out within 10 years. Cheap mattresses can wear out in as little as 5 years. When you replace your older mattress, you may find yourself surprised by how much better you sleep with your new one!

6. You Feel Stiff When You Wake

Muscle or joint stiffness occasionally happens to everyone, but if it’s a regular occurrence for you in the morning, you probably need a different mattress. Some people who have back pain or aches may be better off with a different mattress material, such as latex or memory foam.

7. You Can’t Stand Motion Transfer From Your Partner

Feeling your partner constantly shifting around on the opposite side of the bed when you are trying to sleep can be frustrating. Luckily, there are some special mattress materials that can be help. Talk to a custom mattress factory representative about getting a mattress that minimizes motion transfer, such as a custom memory foam mattress.

8. You’ve Been Having More Allergy Issues

Did you know allergens can get trapped in your mattress? Old mattresses often accumulate dust mites, mold, bacteria and other allergens very quickly, often more than any other household item. If you tend to have frequent allergy issues, you may be better off with a natural latex mattress or another allergen-resistant material.

Get a Custom Mattress Replacement for Even Better Sleep

A custom mattress factory can create the best possible mattress replacement for your sleep needs. With access to a wide variety of high-quality materials to provide specific levels of support, motion transfer, and protection against allergies, you can get a mattress that will allow you to experience better sleep than ever before. Reach out to the Slumber Ease team if you are looking for a hand-crafted mattress made with premium materials.