Here at Slumber Ease, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best sleep possible, through custom mattresses and beyond. We know it can be hard to find time to dedicate to rest, and escaping destruction. Here is our monthly roundup of products, articles, and studies to help you get your best sleep.

Last month we looked at The Hatch Pod, a weighted blanket alternative, and delved deeper into the sleep quality craze

Sleep Product Roundup

So you’ve already got your dream custom mattress, now you just need the perfect sheets to be the cherry on top of your sleep experience. Here are some of the best sheets available:

Best Microfiber Sheets:

lady sleeping

These affordable sheets by Sonoro Kate are among the highest rated on Amazon. They come in an array of great colors to match any bedroom decor and are available in most common bed sizes. Microfiber sheets aren’t for everyone, but with an 1800 thread count, these sheets are beyond silky smooth.

Best Cotton Sheets:

These sheets by Rivet have a nearly 4.5/5 rating, making them the highest rated cotton sheets on Amazon. Cotton sheets are made of natural fibers, and while they are not usually as soft as synthetics, they often breath better and offer a great solution for some people with allergies.

Sleep Science Roundup

Sleep in the News

Sleep vacations. A new trend has resorts offering services for those needing to catch up on sleep. While this does sound like a useful service for those suffering from chronic insomnia, for most people a custom mattress may be a solution a little closer to home.

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