School dorms, hospitals, and hotels have one thing in common: they need high-quality institutional mattresses. In these settings, beds are likely to get frequent use and may need to withstand pressures they wouldn’t at home. Travelers and long-term patients alike need comfortable bedding to get restful sleep throughout the night.

In many cases, a good custom mattress is the difference between an involuntary all-nighter and waking up feeling well-rested. Make sure your institutional mattresses are everything you need them to be.

Dorm Mattresses

Dorm mattresses need to be able to last and remain durable. These institutional mattresses should also be waterproof and easy to clean — as any RA will tell you, students can be extremely messy!

That being said, dorm mattresses don’t necessarily need to be super expensive. There are great options that provide great value and a reasonable price.

Hospital Mattresses

Hospital mattresses need to be able to support your patient’s health. Patients who need to spend an extended period in bed should have special foam prevention mattresses to avoid bedsores, which can worsen a patient’s condition. Many patients need a greater or lesser degree of firmness to improve vertebrae alignment as they rest.

If the patient already has an ulcer or bedsores, they may need an alternating pressure relief mattress or medical air mattress. Some hospitals choose lateral rotation mattresses to enable rotating the user gently to both sides.

Most patients who do not need to spend extended time in their bed do well with innerspring mattresses. These are the same type of mattresses most people have in their bedrooms.

Hotel Mattresses

hotel mattressesAll travelers need a good night’s rest. That’s why many leading hotel chains have high-quality mattresses for guests to enjoy in all their rooms. Your guests should enjoy a comfortable and supportive sleeping environment.

Hotel mattresses undergo frequent use, and need to remain durable and easy to clean. Guests will quickly notice if the mattress is out of shape and may go so far as to write negative reviews. In general, we recommend choosing relatively firm mattresses since softer mattresses can sometimes give the impression that they have been used for years.

The best hotel mattresses are made from durable materials that reduce wear, sagging, and deterioration. By investing in a high-quality mattress, you can provide your guests with the comfort they expect for years.

High-Quality Institutional Mattresses in the Pacific Northwest

At Slumber Ease, we make high-quality institutional and custom mattresses for customers across the Pacific Northwest. We make all our products right here in Washington State, and we care about the impact we make on our customers’ lives.

Whether you’re looking for institutional mattresses for a hospital, recovery center, boarding school, hostel, visitor center, or something else, we can create the custom fit mattresses you need. Contact us today to request a free quote. You can also visit us at our showroom in Marysville, WA.