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Here at Slumber Ease, we don’t just make the highest quality custom mattresses in Washington. We are also dedicated to all elements of your sleep quality. We all know it can be hard to get enough rest, and we can all use all the help we can get. Here is our monthly roundup of products, articles, and studies to help you get your best sleep.

Last month we took a look at finding the best pillow, sleep science breakthroughs, and how the Patriots were hacking sleep to increase performance.

Sleep Product Roundup: The Hatch Pod

There are all sorts of products out there claiming they help you get better sleep. Hatch Sleep has one such product, claiming to ease anxiety and help you get better rest.

The sleep pod is essentially a stretchy sack that you climb into when you sleep. The pod holds you as you sleep, putting an even pressure across your body, simulating the experience of being swaddled like a baby. It looks strange, but some people are swearing by it, saying it improved their sleep quality. Check the sleep pod out here.

woman suffering from sleep deprivationSleep Science

Effects of sleep deprivation. We all know that we need good sleep each night to function at full capacity and maintain peak focus and performance. But what exactly happens to our bodies when we don’t sleep? This article gives a great scientific breakdown of what happens to us at different stages of sleep deprivation.

A new study suggests that sleep deprivation may contribute to snacking and the downfall of your diet. The study adds to a mountain of evidence that sleep deprivation can lead to issues like weight gain, and can be detrimental to our long term health.

Better Sleep in the News

The market is flooded with sleep products. We’ve all seen it. You can’t go more than a few days without seeing the latest sleep dead product, promising to revolutionize your sleep experience. If they live up to their promises, sleep products can do a lot of good. But how do we weed out the good from the bad? According to this article, the key is good research.

Sleep trackers have recently become very popular. But do they really help? The answer can be complicated. While learning more about our sleep habits can help inform smarter decisions, often the data reporter by trackers is flawed. Click here to find out more.

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