Custom Fit Mattresses

Made to Order Mattresses for Your Needs

If you are sleeping on a mass-produced mattress, you don’t know what you are missing

A custom-fit Slumber Ease mattress means the best possible sleep experience. We know how to choose the combination of materials and construction methods that will perfectly compliment your body type and sleep preferences.
Slumber Ease has been building mattresses for all body types for over 50 years. Other mass producers will tell you their product is best for everyone. But our experience tells us otherwise. In our custom fit mattresses we use plush innersprings, latex, or visco-elastic foams—whichever is right for you.

Plush innerspring mattresses offer robust and full support for your body.

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Latex foam mattresses are hypoallergenic, breathable, and durable.

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Visco-elastic mattresses are the best choice if you enjoy the soft material that shapes in the form of your body.

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