Custom Fit Foam Mattresses for Marine and RV

Don’t sacrifice the comfort of your home

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort while on Vacation Any Longer

If you like spending time on your yacht or house on wheels, you understand the importance of a great night’s rest. Why sacrifice comfort, durability, and style just because it’s not your primary residence?

We apply our expert mattress crafting abilities to the RV and Marine industries. We have been creating mattresses for RVs, luxury motorcoaches, and yachts for over 50 years. As a result, our customers come to us from all over the country because we apply the same passion and knowledge that we employ in making luxurious and comfortable home mattresses in the construction of our RV and Marine mattresses.

Select a mattress that’s designed & built for your RV

Ensuring that your RV is equipped with a custom mattress will pay itself off in the quality of your sleep while on the go. We have extensive experience in designing custom mattresses for virtually any type of “home on wheels,” including RVs, motor homes, campers, travel trailers, tent campers. Just send us the measurements, and we will build a comfortable mattress that fits perfectly.

The extra touch your vessel needs

Mattresses for boats are generally restricted to about 4-6 inches, serving the double function of both sleeping and sitting. This is why the best vessel mattresses are usually built with a firm base, and a soft top. This ensures that the mattress serves its purpose as both a place to sit as well as the source of a good night sleep while on the boat. We made mattresses for commercial fishing vessels, factory trawlers, tug boats, oil field supply vessels, research vessels, and others. Call us to get a recommendation today.

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