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In the 21st century, you have more options than ever before when it comes to buying a mattress. You can choose a mattress at a traditional brick-and-mortar mattress store, an outlet, a department store, a mattress factory, or even online.

However, a careful consumer may not want to buy the mattress they intend to sleep on for the next few decades from a faceless entity. Online stores with questionable stock, lower-quality outlets, and stores that aren’t focused on mattresses may not be appealing.

For many mattress buyers, the real choice is between buying from a mattress store and buying directly from a mattress factory. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Buying a Mattress at a Store

Mattress stores allow you to try several mattresses from different manufacturers on the same day, which generally isn’t an option at a mattress factory. You can feel for yourself which mattresses you like best and consider more than one manufacturer’s goods.

In addition, buying a mattress from a store allows you talk to store employees who can guide you through the process. Different mattresses are better for people in different stages of life or with different sleep needs. It helps to have someone around who can help you choose the right mattress for your needs.

The main disadvantage of buying from a store is that you’ll likely be spending more money for the same quality mattress. Storeroom prices are higher than mattress factory prices due to middlemen, added store upkeep, and employee commission costs.

Stores also tend to have less generous return policies than mattress factories. If you want to try sleeping on the mattress for a few weeks before committing to it, you will probably need to buy the mattress from a mattress factory.

Buying a Mattress at a Mattress Factory

​Mattress factories eliminate the added cost of middlemen and some overhead costs. You can get the mattress quality you want at a more affordable price. Many mattress factories also make it easier to buy a custom mattress, which wouldn’t be available to try out in a store showroom anyway.

Mattress From a Mattress FactoryWith a mattress factory, you are likely to have a more generous return policy. You can try sleeping on the bed before making a final decision.

The usual downside of a mattress factory is that there may be more guesswork involved in trying to find the perfect mattress. Some mattress factories lack showrooms that enable you to try out several mattresses quickly.

However, other mattress factories like Slumber Ease do have showrooms. These showrooms will not let you try out mattresses from different brands, but you will be able to see a broad range of the brand’s products and figure out which options work best for you. You may also be able to see part of the manufacturing process, which isn’t an option at a typical mattress store.

The Best Place to Buy a Custom Mattress

A local mattress factory with a showroom provides the best of both worlds. With factory prices, top-quality materials, and the opportunity to try out different mattresses in the storeroom, you can’t lose. You may also experience better customer service from factory showroom personnel than from the staff at a typical mattress store.

Slumber Ease in Marysville, WA is your local factory provider of high-quality custom mattresses. At our showroom, you can work with a mattress expert who can help you find the best option based on your sleeping style, preferences, and any ailments or injuries. We can create the best mattress for you and your partner by taking these factors and your measurements into account.

At Slumber Ease, every mattress is made, hand cut, and stitched locally. Our mattresses are made with higher quality materials than you would find in a mattress from a national brand. Contact us today to learn more about our mattress fittings.


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