Sleep Products for Your Home

Slumber Ease Mattress Factory uses only the highest quality materials. We use our extensive experience to make personalized products that will drastically improve your sleep health and comfort. Our products include custom-fit mattresses, furniture foam replacements, and specialized rehabilitation mattresses.

Innerspring, Foam & Latex Mattresses

Slumber Ease offers a range of pre-designed and customizable mattresses made with the best materials available. We provide high-end innerspring, foam, and latex custom mattresses for all kinds of homes and bed frames​.

Material Options

Slumber Ease uses only the highest quality materials to craft mattresses according to each customer’s needs. Whether you are looking for an excellent innerspring, latex, memory foam, or custom multi-material mattress, we can create the best possible sleep surface for you.

Healthcare Beds & Add-Ons

Are you recovering from an injury or procedure? At Slumber Ease, we create home rehabilitation mattresses and other solutions for specific health needs. We can build custom rehab positioning foams to provide the exact support and firmness your physician prescribed.

Slumber Ease Brio 30 Adjustable Bed

Big & Tall

At Slumber Ease, we recognize that no two bodies are alike and we all have different sleep needs. If you need a longer or more supportive mattress, we can easily accommodate you with unique mattress sizes and additional or different layers.


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