Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 11:50 am

Although there’s no place like home, RV traveling doesn’t have to mean staying in discomfort. Spending time on the road in an RV or camper can still be a comfortable experience with just a few simple, affordable updates that will improve your overall experience, extend the longevity of your vehicle, and can make your RV or camper feel like new.

If you’re ready to upgrade your travel experience check out these three ways to make your RV more comfortable.

3 Simple Ways to Make Your RV More Comfortable

  • Get a custom RV mattress
  • Update foam in cushions
  • Replace cushion upholstery

Upgrade to a Custom RV Mattress

A good night’s sleep is essential to getting the most out of your vacation, and all RV mattresses are not created equal. A custom RV Mattress that is properly tailored to your unique needs including height, weight, material sensitivities, and personal sleep preferences can make all the difference in creating a comfortable experience on the road. Those who suffer from back pain, or are overcoming injuries often feel relief from using custom fitted and designed mattresses in their RV.

If you need help picking out the right mattress customizations for your needs, check out this blog post we shared on How to Pick the Best Mattress for Your RV.

Update Old Foam in Cushions

Replacing the foam in your RV furnishings is a simple way to revitalize the interior of your vehicle. Because they are often made with low-density foam, the original furnishings that came with your RV break down over time. Updating old foam in the cushions of your RV’s furnishings with a higher density foam will stand up better to wear and tear and will provide a more comfortable experience that will last for a longer period of time. Also, upgrading the old foam with hypoallergenic options can help cut down on the allergens found in your RV space, improving the overall experience for you and your family.

We will be pleased to help with your foam quality selection and your compression of feel best suited to your physical preferences.

Replace Cushion Upholstery

Updating the upholstery of the cushions in your RV will make your vehicle look and feel like new without breaking the budget! Selecting high-quality fabrics that suit your style will help your RV or camper feel more modern.

Whether you’re on the road for a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, feeling comfortable on the go is just as important as it is at home. Simply upgrading your RV mattress, foam in cushions, and cushion upholstery are affordable ways to make your vehicle as comfortable as possible for years to come.

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