Last updated on March 14th, 2024 at 10:43 am

If you’re tired of feeling fatigued or achy following your vacation, it might be time to replace your mattress. While this sounds like it should be a simple endeavor, there are multiple reasons you might not want to order the first mattress you find online. In fact, here are three key factors that might make a custom RV mattress your best solution:

Your Current RV Mattress is Oddly Shaped

An efficient floor plan is a critical part of designing economical, comfortable and practical RV interiors; whether it’s to accommodate a sliding drawer in the bedroom, an under-mattress storage unit, bathroom layout, or a gross weight limitation.

Certain trade-offs must be made in order to fit all amenities within the size and weight requirements of a compact RV interior.

Since they take up a great deal of surface area, mattresses are one of these areas. A Queen sized RV mattress, for instance, comes in four “common” variations — the Olympic Queen (66” x 80”), the RV Queen (60” x 80”), or one of two Short Queen (60” x 75” or 60” x 74”). The most common of these sizes is a Short Queen, which is which is five inches shorter than a standard household Queen (60” x 80”).

In addition to diverse sizing, RV mattresses may also have cut corners or specialized contours.

While they help to make the most out of your small floorplan, these irregularities can make it near to impossible to find a ready-made solution.

Your Current RV Mattress is an Unusual Thickness

custom rv mattress

To make matters even more complicated, the thickness or profile of your RV mattress can also vary greatly. For instance, pop-up trailers or camper bunks require something with a much lower-profile, around 3″ to 6″, which is much thinner than a standard household mattress.

Is a Custom RV Mattress Right for Me?

The first and most critical step in determining what RV mattress will fit your space requirements is to measure the dimensions of the platform that the mattress rests upon. Avoid measuring the mattress itself, as it may be in imperfect shape due to the frequent usage… Or originally it was never properly fitted to the platform. (A very common problem.) An even better idea is to use a pattern, which requires less or no measuring. Slumber Ease Mattress Factory is happy to supply pattern material at no charge. You can send your dimensions or pattern to us and we can provide a quote. Don’t forget to include the height or thickness dimension required. (You don’t want to bump your head; or find you now need a ladder to get in and out).

Secondly, you’d want to decide which mattress type is right for your needs. We offer several mattress options, including traditional coil mattresses, memory or latex foam mattresses.

Ordering a RV Mattress Online Can be Tempting but…

For those that are able to find pre-made options that meet their space requirements, it might be tempting to simply place an order via an online retailer for the first mattress that meets your specifications. However, this can become a costly mistake if it’s merely uncomfortable or the quality is lacking. Misleading return policies or non-refundable shipping/freight fees can add up quickly.

To avoid these risks, consider visiting the showroom of a reputable local mattress dealer so that you can test and try various mattress types and materials. At this time, you can also speak with custom RV mattress specialists who can discuss your space requirements and specifications, as well as your unique preferences and concerns.