Last updated on March 14th, 2024 at 10:35 am

If you’ve spent time researching mattress options, you may have heard that double-sided mattresses are best. These mattresses can last much longer than their single-sided counterparts if you use them correctly.

However, most manufacturers have switched to making single-sized mattresses to cut costs, so double-sided mattresses are harder to find than they used to be. You may have even heard that double-sided mattresses aren’t made anymore.

We’re here to disprove that myth. At Slumber Ease Mattress Factory, we still make double-sided mattresses to provide our customers with the best value, highest quality sleep products.

Why a Double-Sided Mattress is the Best

Double-sided mattresses last nearly twice as long as standard single-sided mattresses. You can flip them over and use the “bottom” side just like you would the “top” side. That way, neither side of the mattress wears out as quickly.

If you flip and rotate your mattress regularly, it will wear evenly and minimize body impressions. We usually recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees once every three months and turning it over once or twice a year.

Where to Get a Double-Sided Mattress Today

At Slumber Ease, we make double-sided mattresses of all sizes. Whether you need a long-lasting twin mattress, something larger than a California King, or a unique mattress shape to fit an antique bed frame, we can help.

Why Choose Slumber Ease?

double-sided mattress

At Slumber Ease, we focus on making the best quality mattress for each unique customer. Our mattresses are not only double-sided and made with the best materials, but also customized using an in-depth mattress fitting process.

Each person’s body is unique, and so is each person’s sleep needs. We can customize your mattress based on your health needs, comfort preferences, pain points, need to avoid feeling your parner’s movement, and more. Our mattress professionals know how to find the best possible mattress for each customer and their partner if they have one.

We do far more than just tell you to pick a material and “firmness” level, like other “custom” mattress companies do. Our custom mattress fitting team works closely with you to develop the perfect combination of materials, support layers, and other features.

Our fitting process starts with conversation. We ask you and your partner about your health concerns, allergies, temperature sensitivity, issues with feeling your partner’s movements through the mattress, bed frame shape, and more.

From there, you can try out sample products and materials that match your needs. We have you try out a series of mattress pairs that are only a little different from each other, just like an eye doctor would have you try out lens pairs that are only a little different from each other to find the right glasses prescription strength. We keep going until we find the best option for all mattress layers, including the mattress top and support layer(s).

We make high-quality double-sided mattresses using a combination of traditional methods and advanced technologies. Stop by our factory showroom today to learn more about our custom mattress fitting process.