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Getting a good night’s rest with plenty of deep sleep is crucial for your health. For many of us, that’s easier said than done. If you have trouble getting quality rest, we have good news: you may be able to get more deep sleep with a different mattress.

A well-designed mattress does a better job of supporting your body, leading to more time in deep sleep and better overall rest. In this post, we’ll explore how the design of your mattress can make a big difference in your sleep quality.

Sleep Stages

During a good night’s sleep, you go through several sleep cycles. These cycles are each made up of several stages, and all of them are important. The U.S. National Library of Medicine categorizes them as follows:

  1. Wake/Alert (Stage W): This is the stage of quiet, relaxed wakefulness when you’re not yet asleep.
  2. Light Sleep (Stage N1): This is the first stage where you’re really asleep. It’s easy to wake up during this stage. This stage usually only takes up about 5% of total sleep time.
  3. Deeper Sleep (Stage N2): In this stage, the heart rate and body temperature drop. Research suggests this stage is associated with memory consolidation. It typically makes up about 45% of sleep.
  4. Deepest Sleep (Stage N3): This stage helps your body heal and grow. Your body repairs itself, builds muscle, and strengthens your immune system. It often makes up about 25% of sleep.
  5. REM Sleep: REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. This stage helps with memory, problem-solving, and managing your emotions. With each sleep cycle during the night, you spend more time in the REM stage.

Each stage is crucial for your health, and if any stage is disrupted, it can affect how you feel. If you don’t get enough deep sleep, you won’t feel as refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

The Role of Mattress Design in Sleep Quality

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Your mattress design can impact several aspects of your sleep, including how much time you spend in the deepest sleep stage. Here’s how:


The support and comfort your mattress provides are key to good sleep. Studies have shown that people experience more deep sleep and better sleep efficiency on comfortable mattresses with the right level of support. On mattresses with less support, people tend to wake up more often and spend more time in the light sleep stage, which is less restorative.

At Slumber Ease, many of our customers have found that custom mattresses designed to meet their specific needs improved their sleep quality and reduced back pain. By providing the right level of support for your body, these mattresses help you stay in deep sleep longer. That means your body can heal and recharge more effectively.


Some people find that certain mattress materials are more comfortable for them. The most common choices are:

  • Latex. Responsive and naturally hypoallergenic, latex is often recommended for people with allergies.
  • Memory Foam. This material conforms to your body, relieves pressure, and reduces motion transfer, which may make it a good option for couples.
  • Innerspring. Traditional mattresses tend to offer great support when they’re made well.
  • Hybrid. Mattress makers often combine different layers of materials for extra comfort.

By testing out different options, you can discover which material provides the best comfort and support for your needs. A more comfortable mattress tends to lead to better sleep.

Customization for Specific Sleep Needs

A custom mattress is made to fit your unique body and sleep needs. It’s more likely to provide the right support and comfort than a standardized mattress, which in turn means you’re likely to get better quality sleep. This is especially helpful for people recovering from surgery or dealing with chronic pain.

With the proper alignment and pressure relief from a custom mattress, you may experience more time in the deeper, more restorative sleep stages. Your body can heal and recharge more effectively.

Get Better Sleep With a Custom Slumber Ease Mattress

At Slumber Ease, we customize mattresses based on your sleep habits, body type, health concerns, and spinal support needs to help you get the best sleep possible. We ensure your mattress gives you the right support for your specific body so you can enjoy more efficient, restful sleep.

Ready to get better sleep? Visit the Slumber Ease showroom to try out different mattress options in person and find the best choices for your needs.