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When you’re buying a new mattress or bed, it can be hard to figure out what size to buy. There are many different mattress sizes and shapes out there, and different people like different amounts of space on their beds. And if you’re unusually tall or need something for an odd-shaped sleeping area, it can be even harder to find the right size.

It pays to take the time to figure out which mattress size is right for you. Here are the most common mattress sizes you’ll see on the market, plus a few others that may be available from select mattress dealers or factories.

The 5 Most Common Mattress Sizes (In Inches)

Toddler Size Mattresses: 28 x 52

To many parents, it doesn’t make sense to put a baby or a toddler who’s just transitioned out of the crib into a relatively giant twin bed. If you’d rather give your child an intermediary step, you may want to consider getting a toddler bed.

Twin Size Mattresses: 38 x 75

A twin bed works well for single adults under 6’ tall, teens, and children. These beds are very affordable and widely available from manufacturers. If you sleep on your own or are buying a bed for your child, a twin size mattress could be a great affordable option.

Double or Full Size Mattresses: 54 x 75

A double or full size bed is an extremely versatile choice. It can be either a spacious sleeping option for a single adult or a relatively small but usable bed for a couple. Many people prefer to use full size mattresses in guest bedrooms, in tight spaces, for teenagers’ rooms, or for couples where neither is over 6’ tall.

Some couples who prefer to sleep close to each other choose double mattresses as a more affordable alternative to other couple-sized mattresses. However, other couples who prefer a bit more space may want to consider a queen or king size bed.

Queen Size Mattresses: 60 x 80

A queen size mattresses can comfortably accommodate a couple as long as there aren’t children or pets sharing the bed. This is the most common mattress size, so it’s widely available and affordable.

While queen size beds are perfect for many people, some families find that they feel cramped if a small child comes to sleep near their parents or a pet jumps on the bed. For these families, a king or larger mattress is likely a better choice.

King Size Mattresses: 76 x 80

King size mattresses are the largest commonly available sleeping choices. At 76” wide, these beds give couples maximum space and make it easy to comfortably share with a child who would rather not sleep away from their parents.

Since king size mattresses are large, they are more expensive than other common mattress sizes. They can make smaller rooms feel cramped, and they tend to be difficult to move. Before buying a king size bed, it’s a good idea to measure your space and consider whether you might move to a place with a smaller bedroom in the next few years.

Less Common Mattress Sizes

Twin XL Size Mattresses: 38 x 80

While regular twin size mattresses are fine for most single sleepers, they can be a challenge for taller people. At 80” long, twin XL mattresses are a popular option in college dorms, some teenager’s rooms, and the rooms of single sleepers who share their bed with a pet.

Olympic Queen Size Mattresses: 66 x 80

An Olympic Queen mattress has an additional 6 inches of width beyond the standard queen. For couples that want a little more space than a standard queen size mattress but don’t have enough room for a king size mattress, an Olympic queen could be a good choice, although not every manufacturer sells them.

California King Size Mattresses: 72 x 84

A California King mattress is four inches longer and four inches thinner than a regular King mattress. If you want more legroom or extra space for pets, a California King could be an excellent choice.

Wyoming King Size Mattresses: 84 x 84

Wyoming King is one of the few square mattress shapes. Extra long and extra wide, a Wyoming king mattress is an option for families who want extra space even with an extra sleeper on the bed.

Texas King Size Mattresses: 80 x 98

A Texas King mattress is narrower but significantly longer than a Wyoming King. It’s a popular choice with extremely tall sleepers who crave extra legroom but don’t have a large enough room to accommodate an Alaskan king.

Alaskan King Size Mattresses: 108 x 108

Alaskan King mattresses are the largest standardized mattresses of all and the only square mattress shape besides the Wyoming King. This ginormous mattress gives families the luxury to sprawl and allows partners to get in and out of bed without disrupting each other.

Families where couples co-sleep with more than two children often choose an Alaskan King bed. With this mattress size, you can accommodate a whole family without disrupting anyone’s sleep. However, these mattresses can be extremely expensive and will only fit in very large rooms.

RV and Marine Mattresses: Various

RVs and boats often have cramped or unusually shaped sleeping quarters, so mattresses for these settings come in a variety of sizes and shapes that often differ from standard sizes. Many RV mattresses and boat mattresses have cut corners or are shaped to fit in a V-berth.

If you are buying a mattress for sleeping on the road or at sea, be sure to carefully measure your bed frame or space, including any odd angles or curves. You may need to consult a custom mattress manufacturer to make a mattress that works in your space.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Sizes

There are many different factors to consider when buying a mattress beyond the mattress size. Some mattresses are made to feel “softer” or “firmer” with different top and base layers of support. Mattresses can also be made with a wide variety of materials beyond the traditional innerspring, including natural latex foam, memory foam, and mixed materials.

The best mattress will always be a custom mattress made for your sleep needs and preferences. A custom mattress manufacturer can help you create a mattress that feels more comfortable, helps with back pain and other health issues, resists dust mites and other allergens, reduces motion transfer from your partner, and supports spine alignment.

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