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Mattress toppers can be a great solution to an overly firm or sagging mattress. However, there are times when you’re better off simply purchasing a new mattress.

Read on to find out whether a mattress topper could be the right option for you.

What is a Mattress Topper?

A mattress topper is a thick extra layer of padding that sits on top of a mattress. It can be a great option if you want to change the overall firmness of the bed without having to get a whole new mattress.

However, you should not use a mattress topper as a substitute or band-aid for a mattress that has worn down and lost its support. While a mattress topper can extend the lifespan of your moderately used mattress, it cannot fully make up for a broken or lumpy mattress.

Mattress Pads vs. Toppers

The terms “mattress pad” and “mattress topper” are often used interchangeably, but in reality, they are two different products. A mattress pad is significantly thinner than a mattress topper and does not provide the same level of luxury.

Both mattress toppers and pads can be used to enhance comfort while sleeping and extend the life of a mattress. The difference is in the level of additional support provided.

When Do You Need a Mattress Topper?

There are several reasons to supplement your mattress with a topper:

  • Your mattress is too firm for you.
  • You want to protect your mattress, but do not want to deal with a noisy mattress protector.
  • You want to extend the life of your mattress (which is moderately used but not worn out yet) while you save up to buy a new one.

Again, you should not use a mattress topper as a bandage for a completely worn-out mattress. Mattress toppers work best when the mattress they are sitting on is only lightly or moderately used.

Should I Just Get a New Mattress Instead?

If your mattress is already worn out, is low quality, or is too soft, you are better off replacing it entirely rather than trying to make up for it with a mattress topper. Mattress toppers can only do so much, and a quality product may cost as much as 50% of the cost to replace the mattress itself.

However, if your mattress is relatively new and you are on a budget, getting a mattress topper may be a good plan. A topper allows you to easily change the softness or firmness of your bed. With a solid mattress underneath the topper, your ideal bed is sure to last even longer.

Common Types of Mattress Toppers

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

A memory foam mattress topper provides a great deal of cushioning and comfort. If you have an innerspring mattress and dislike the way it feels, a memory foam mattress topper can vastly improve your sleep experience.

Polyester Blend Mattress Toppers

Polyester blend or fiberfill mattress toppers are typically the least expensive option. The mattress toppers are soft but may compromise support and cooling. If you are looking to create a softer sleeping surface over a firm mattress and don’t mind a warmer sleeping surface, a polyester blend could be an excellent choice.

Wool Mattress Toppers

Wool mattress pads are hypoallergenic and great for dealing with temperatures throughout the year. This natural material is sure to help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, wool mattress toppers can be difficult to find and are often more expensive than other options.

Feather Mattress Toppers

Like polyester blend, feather mattress toppers create a soft sleeping surface but may not add much support. However, the ultra-luxurious feel may be just what you’re looking for, especially since this material tends to stay at a relatively comfortable temperature in both warm and cool weather.

Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex mattress toppers are a great option for anyone who wants their bed to have more cushioning. Since natural latex is resistant to mold, dust, and other common allergens, it can be an especially good sleep material for allergy sufferers — as long as you’re not allergic to the latex itself, of course.

Where to Buy the Best Mattress Topper

There are many things you should take into consideration when buying a mattress topper, including material, fit, and thickness, and overall comfort. Many people find that their best sleep surface is a customized mattress that is built especially for them.

If you are looking for a high-quality custom mattress or mattress topper, contact Slumber Ease today. As a local mattress factory serving a wide range of customers, we pride ourselves on working with each individual to identify the best materials and firmness level for your specific needs.