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Consistent, restful sleep can be difficult to maintain while you’re on the road or at sea. Whether it’s unfamiliar surroundings, tossing waves, or noisy neighbors that threaten your peace, why not do what you can to ensure a good night’s rest?

Upgrading the foam in your mattress and interior cushions is a simple way to revitalize your boat or RV, as well as your health and well-being. Here are the five main ways that replacement cushions can change your travel experience for the better:

  1. Choose the right foam for you cushions
  2. High-density foam for cushion and mattress durability
  3. Get hypoallergenic foam cushions
  4. RV & Boat Mattresses that Improve Stability
  5. Custom Fit Mattresses

High-Density Foam Means Higher Cushion and Mattress Durability

RV interiors are developed with a total weight in mind—not necessarily comfort. A lighter vehicle means better fuel economy, but it also means that your interiors will wear out more rapidly. Typically, the foam in standard-issue RV mattresses and furnishings ranges from five to six inches in thickness, with a density between one and two pounds per cubic foot. Foams in this category are considered ‘lighter weight,’ and will break down over time.

Alternatively, higher quality foam mattresses for RV and marine applications tend to be around eight to ten inches thick and made from a higher density foam that withstands wear and tear and retains elasticity better than the foams that come standard with your purchase.

Most people use their boats or motorhomes on an intermittent basis. Imagine discovering that your mattress is worn out, creating pressure points and discomfort, in the middle of a long-awaited excursion! High-density foam mattresses (high density is a measurement of durability; not necessarily feel) are known to last up to 10 or 15 years, so it’s an investment that buys comfort as well as long-term peace of mind.

Choose the Right Foam for Boat or RV Replacement Cushions

memory foam cushionsWhen it comes to comfort, there is no one-size-fits-all, so it’s important to investigate whether the characteristics of various foam combinations are right for you. Memory foam, conventional polyurethanes, and latex rubber are generally lauded for their comfort, support, and elasticity. They mold to the body in response to actual body shape and pressure, creating a soft, cozy surface with minimal pressure points. High-quality foam also returns to its original shape, and its elasticity resists developing ruts and depressions in the foam.

Those who experience back or neck pain, or aches from arthritis and other conditions, often report finding relief in custom fitted and designed foam mattresses.

Eliminate Allergens with Fresh Hypoallergenic Foam Cushions & Mattresses

Have you ever entered your RV or boat after a long lapse in use and experienced itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, coughing or itchiness? What about those musty odors or that damp feeling in the air? RVs and boats are notorious for becoming musty, damp or dusty during storage or periods of low use, and these are all signs that there could be allergens in your boat or RV.

Polyurethane foam replacement cushions, as well as hypoallergenic upholstery and pillow covers, are effective at resisting allergens such as dust mites, fungus, mildew and bacteria growth. For this reason, materials which resist allergens present a strong benefit for your long-term health and enjoyment as you travel and use your RV or boat.

Improve Stability with RV & Boat Mattresses that Minimize Motion Transfer

Traditional spring mattresses are notorious for transferring motion across the bed. If Fido’s or your partner’s movements can wake you from a restful sleep in your own bed, then what about the rocking of a moving vehicle or your boat on the tide? High-quality foam reduces movement transfer and doesn’t have any internal springs to squeak or make noise.

Custom Fit RV & Boat Mattresses and Cushions Add Longevity and Value

yacht interior mattresses The mattresses and cushions you find in your boat or RV will rarely match anything that you’d find in your house. Mattresses, for instance, come in an array of shapes and sizes and generally tend to be six inches shorter than standard-sized mattresses. Additionally, individual RV or boat designs vary greatly; sometimes their unique curved bed frames or irregular corner shapes means that your new mattress will need to be truly custom built.

While custom-ordered items might not be your first choice, it does mean that what you order will be sure to meet your long-term requirements, and for this reason, will continue to provide lasting value. As with any custom solution, prices vary greatly depending on individual needs and applications.


Whether it’s a houseboat, motorhome, pop-up camper or a fold-out sofa bed, the quality of your rest and comfort matters no less while you’re on the go than it does when you’re at home. In some ways, it’s all the more important when you’re using vacation time.

By simply upgrading the tired cushions and mattress in your boat or RV with fresh replacement foam, you can drastically change your travel experience for the better with long-term durability, better comfort and stability, and hypoallergenic properties to help maintain your health and well-being. Custom-made mattresses and cushions can help minimize the unpredictable factors that can disrupt a good night’s sleep—a small cost for the assurance that you will always find comfort and enjoyment in your home-away-from-home.

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