Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 03:08 pm

One of the best parts of buying from a mattress factory is that you can get a custom-fit mattress that is designed for your unique body. We are all different, and our mattresses should be too if we want to get our best sleep!

At Slumber Ease Mattress Factory, we have an in-depth custom fitting process to determine what you need. Here’s how it works.

Understanding Your Needs

At Slumber Ease, mattress fitting starts with a conversation. We listen to understand what you are looking for and learn about your pain points.

Our team members will ask questions like:

  • Do you have any health issues you wish to address? (This may include pressure, pains, back fusions, arthritis, allergies, and anything else your mattress could help with.)
  • Do you often awaken from your partner’s movement?
  • Do you have any temperature sensitivity issues?
  • Where and how often do you intend to use this mattress? Is it for your home, boat, or RV?
  • What size and shape do you need? Is the mattress for an unusual bed size or shape?
  • Do you need a foundation, or do you plan to place the mattress on a solid non-deflective surface?

Our goal is to determine a starting point to match proper products and materials. Once we know what you need, we can eliminate options that won’t work for you and start looking at the options that could help.

Fitting Your Mattress to You

Next, we will work with sample mattresses to determine which materials, top depths, and core firmness levels work best for you.

This part is a little like going to the eye doctor to get a new prescription. You will try out mattresses that are just a little different from each other and tell us which one feels best to you, then we’ll move on to comparing the next pair of mattresses until we get a good match on the part of the mattress we are focusing on.

For couples, we will fit each person as an individual first and then combine what we learn to come up with an option that will work for both people. There are two main steps to this process:

1. Fitting the top of the mattress.

We will have you try out different sample mattresses to determine the ideal top depth of materials. Mattress top customization largely depends on your shape and usual sleeping position. We will also look at spinal alignment to protect you.

Different people may need different top depths to maintain the right level of support and spinal alignment, which is one of the reasons why a custom-fit mattress is so valuable. After we’ve fitted the top part of the mattress, we can move on to the mattress core or lower part.

2. Fitting the core of the mattress.

Second, we will determine the weight-bearing mattress core firmness level you need. The ideal mattress core depends largely on the person’s size (although we will not ask for your exact weight.) We will typically try out a half dozen sample mattresses in this process, although it varies from person to person.

We know what is in each mattress you try out, so your reaction to the sensations of each mattress will tell us which mattress component you are reacting to. Your body will essentially dictate your ideal mattress. When we have completed the mattress fitting process, you will make your selection, and we will build your mattress.

It is very important for us to work with the final users of the mattress during the custom fitting process. If someone else comes in to buy the mattress, we will end up customizing it for them, not for the intended user!

Custom Fitting During a Pandemic

Slumber Ease works hard to provide a safe, clean environment for mattress fittings. We regularly clean everything in our factory showroom. We wear masks according to local guidelines and do not have too many customers inside at the same time, so you can feel safe with us.

If you are interested in creating a custom-fit mattress with expert help from the Slumber Ease team, reach out to us today!