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Have you been scrolling through lists of the best mattresses for your RV? Stop right now. The best possible sleeping surface for you will not be on any list because it is unique, just like you!

Only a custom mattress can provide the exact level of support, comfort, motion transfer avoidance, and temperature adjustment your body needs. That’s especially true if you share your mattress with a partner who has their own sleep needs.

To get the best possible sleep in your RV, skip the “Best Mattresses of the Year” list and head straight to a well-renowned mattress factory.

Research Shows Medium-Firm Custom Mattresses Provide the Best Sleep

Researchers from the National Sleep Foundation have shown that a custom-adjusted, medium-firm mattress is optimal for sleep health, comfort, quality, and spinal alignment. There have been many studies in which participants reported their experiences sleeping on self-adjusted or non-adjusted mattresses of different firmness levels. Researchers have consistently found that medium-firm, self-adjusted mattresses are the best at promoting sleep quality and reducing pain.

Many people today struggle to get proper sleep, often due to back pain or other medical problems. If you want to get rid of these barriers to quality sleep, switching to a high-quality RV mattress could make a surprisingly large difference.

How Can a Custom Mattress Improve My Sleep?

As we said, the best RV mattress is one that is customized to your body, space, and sleep needs. That begs the question, though: What can you customize about your mattress, and what options are right for you?

There are many things you can customize about your mattress, including:

  • Firmness: Medium-firm is the healthiest mattress choice for most people, but soft mattresses may be better for people who sleep on their sides or frequently change positions as they sleep.
  • Thickness: If you feel that you sink too deeply into your RV mattress, you may need a thicker mattress with more supportive foam or another type of filling. Thicker mattresses can also help people with arthritis, hip pain, shoulder pain, or fibromyalgia.
  • Temperature: Different RV mattress materials can create different temperature sensations. If you tend to get hot or cold at night, you may be able to improve your sleep time and quality by switching to a different material. Best of all, you can customize each side of your mattress, so if you tend to overheat while your partner is always freezing, you don’t have to compromise!
  • Motion transfer: Do you toss and turn in your sleep? Or does your partner continually wake you up by shifting around as they try to get comfortable? You could definitely use a custom mattress. When you have a mattress that incorporates the latest motion isolation technology and is customized for each partner’s comfort, you can keep movement on one side of the bed from disturbing the other.
  • Shape: Store-bought mattresses usually only come in standard sizes. If you have a bed frame with different dimensions or rounded corners, like on many RVs, you may need a custom mattress.
  • Allergy control: Some mattress materials are hypoallergenic, which helps people with indoor allergies avoid the source of their suffering. Given how many hours you spend on your mattress, that can make a huge difference!

A large part of mattress customization comes down to the materials. Many of the best mattresses combine different materials to maximize the benefits for each individual or couple.

Below, we discuss popular custom mattress materials and how they can affect your sleep experience.

The 5 Best RV Mattress Options in 2023

Custom Natural Latex RV Mattress

Natural latex is hypoallergenic, supportive, and extremely comfortable. This high-quality RV mattress material is an excellent choice for many people, especially those with health concerns such as pain in their hips and shoulders or arthritis.

Latex is made from rubber sap. It’s important to distinguish between natural and synthetic latex because synthetic latex contains various chemicals that reduce your mattress’s durability and health benefits. Ideally, a latex mattress  — or the latex portion of a custom combination mattress — should be 100% natural to ensure you are getting the full benefits of the material.

One of the main benefits of a latex RV mattress, aside from comfort, is its resistance to common allergens. Dust mites love living in mattresses and carpet, but they cannot survive in natural latex. Latex also resists mildew and mold, common concerns in wetter climates such as the Pacific Northwest.

Natural latex not only resists allergens but also wear and tear. The average innerspring RV mattress has a life expectancy of 5-10 years, while a natural latex mattress generally lasts 20-30 years. Given how much less frequently you will need to replace your RV mattress, you may find yourself saving money in the end.

The main downsides of natural latex are that it can be unsafe for people with latex allergies and tends to be on the warmer side. If you often get hot at night and have more trouble falling asleep when you’re warm, you may want to use a different RV mattress material or combine natural latex with a cooler surface.

We recommend a custom latex RV mattress if you:

  • Are allergic to dust mites, mildew, mold, or other indoor allergens (but not to latex)
  • Experience discomfort during sleep
  • Have trouble with pressure points such as the shoulders or hips
  • Enjoy feeling like you are “sinking in” to your mattress, but not too much
  • Want your RV mattress to last a long time
  • Prefer natural materials
  • Aren’t particularly worried about getting hot at night

Custom Memory Foam RV Mattress

Memory foam is another extremely comfortable RV mattress material for many people. If you love to sink into the surface of your mattress or want to experience pressure relief all around your body, it’s hard to beat memory foam since it hugs your body more than any other mattress material.

Like latex, memory foam tends to be on the warmer side. However, some memory foams are made to contain gel to help absorb the heat.

Memory foam is a human-made material that tends to off-gas a little, which may be a concern for some. Keep in mind that many home furnishings and materials release similar gases, and in most cases there aren’t enough chemicals to cause harm. Ultimately, you probably don’t need to worry about off-gassing unless you are especially sensitive or are worried about ventilation.

We recommend a custom memory foam RV mattress if you:

  • Enjoy feeling “hugged” by your mattress
  • Experience discomfort during sleep
  • Have trouble with pressure points such as the shoulders or hips
  • Aren’t particularly worried about off-gassing
  • Aren’t particularly worried about getting hot at night

Custom Innerspring RV Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are the most popular mattresses in homes. They have interior springs that push back against the weight compressing them when you lie down. They do not last as long as some other mattress types, but they are not as expensive and may be a more comfortable temperature for some sleepers.

Since innerspring RV mattresses do not fold around your body, they generally do not get hot as easily as memory foam or latex RV mattresses. The heat can more easily dissipate as you sleep.

While many people enjoy innerspring mattresses, they have some significant disadvantages to consider. Since different parts of your body put different amounts of pressure on the mattress, your body is not supported evenly. We generally do not recommend this mattress style to people struggling with black pain or other pressure point issues.

We recommend a custom innerspring RV mattress if you:

  • Want to avoid spending a lot of money on your RV mattress
  • Don’t mind replacing your RV mattress after a few years (or don’t plan to keep your RV very long)
  • Tend to get hot at night
  • Do not struggle with pain in the back or other pressure points

Custom Polyurethane Foam RV Mattress

Polyurethane foam is one of the most common materials used for boat and RV mattresses. It is inexpensive and holds up fairly well to wear and tear, although it does not last as long as natural latex and tends to off-gas a bit. If your main concerns are staying within a modest budget and avoiding excessive heat, a polyurethane mattress is a good choice.

You can create many different firmness levels and densities with polyurethane. Many custom RV mattress buyers prefer to combine polyurethane with other foam types to create a more comfortable, durable mattress with plenty of support.

We recommend a custom innerspring RV mattress if you:

  • Want to spend less on your RV mattress
  • Were mostly satisfied with the mattress that originally came with your RV and just want a decent replacement
  • Tend to get hot at night
  • Do not struggle with pain in the back or other pressure points

Custom Hybrid RV Mattress

In many cases, the best possible RV mattress combines different materials to create just the right level of support and temperature. For example, you and your spouse may prefer different materials on each side because one of you gets hot too easily while the other is often too cold. Or, you may want to use different materials on top of each other to create a supportive mattress core with something more comfortable on top. You are unique, and your mattress should be, too!

If you are looking for the best possible sleeping surface for your health and wellbeing (or just want a more comfortable RV mattress!), you may want to get in touch with a custom mattress factory that can help you design a mattress that matches your exact sleep needs.

Don’t wait to begin enjoying a made-to-order sleeping experience!