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There are very few situations where one size fits all. Whether we’re discussing clothes, health, or education, it’s clear that different people have different needs. So why do we act like the same type of mattress works for everyone?

Mattresses can be customized in a myriad of ways you may not have ever considered. If your current mattress is too firm for you to comfortably sleep on your side, we can make you one that works better. If you need a little more support or length to support a larger body, we can fix that too.

Many Americans are not aware of just how much their mattress impacts their sleep quality. It’s no wonder so many of us struggle to get enough sleep!

Here are 5 ways you didn’t know you could customize your mattress.


Are you or your partner tall? If so, a standard mattress may not be long enough for you to sleep comfortably. You don’t want to have to sleep on the diagonal and butt into your partner’s space just to keep your feet safely on your mattress, especially if you have trouble sleeping with bent knees.

Luckily, mattresses can be customized to different lengths and shapes. You can get a mattress that is just the right size for you.


People who are larger and heavier may need a thicker mattress. With standard mattresses, many people find that they sink into the surface too deeply, which feels uncomfortable and unsupportive. Custom mattresses can be designed with extra cushioned support to ensure you are comfortable in your bed.

On the other hand, those who are smaller may prefer a slimmer mattress to avoid sinking into the depths of their beds. People who are extremely light tend to need something softer and thinner that can contour to their bodies.


Firmness mattressDifferent people may need different firmness in their mattresses. Your sleeping position can affect the way you perceive firmness, as well as whether you prefer a harder or softer mattress.

If you sleep on your back or stomach, you’re probably happy with a relatively firm mattress. But if you sleep on your side, you may want a somewhat softer mattress.

In addition, people who are aging or have medical conditions may need a different mattress thickness. Chronic back pain, accidents, illness, arthritis, and even pregnancy can all change the type of mattress you need.

But what if you and your partner are prefer signifcantly different levels of firmness? It is possible to customize each side of your mattress indivudally! You can get a mattress that is perfect for both you and your partner.


Have you ever noticed how couples tend to be made up of one partner who’s always cold and another who’s more likely to complain about heat? It can be romantic for one partner to warm the other up, but things can get more difficult when it comes to sleeping in the same bed. Many partners need different temperatures to sleep.

Mattresses can be customized with different materials to create different temperature sensations. If you’re a blanket hoarder while your partner tends to throw off the covers at night, you should consider a custom mattress to help you both sleep comfortably.

Motion Transfer

Are you a tosser and turner? Does your partner complain about waking up when you move in the middle of the night? You may want a mattress that can absorb motion more easily.

Custom mattresses can be made with superior motion isolation technology. That way, when weights shifts on one side of the bed, the other is completely unaffected. You and your partner can roll around and get out of bed without disturbing each other.

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