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At Slumber Ease, we believe everyone can benefit from a custom-fit mattress designed for their unique sleep needs and body. We are all different, and our mattresses should be different too.

We do more than just tell our customers to pick a level of “softness” or “firmness” and a material. Our in-depth fitting process requires you to try different options in person, so it’s very important to have the final users of the mattress come into our factory if at all possible.

Here’s an up-close look at how the custom fitting process works at our mattress factory in Marysville, WA.

Step 1: Conversation

custom mattress fitting

At Slumber Ease, each mattress fitting session starts with a conversation. We ask you questions to determine what you need and what sleep- or mattress-related problems you currently struggle with. We listen closely so we can understand your needs.

We may ask you, and your sleeping partner if you have one, questions about:

  • Any health issues you are concerned about, such as back fusions, pressure issues, allergies, and other pains
  • Whether you struggle with falling or staying asleep due to your partner’s movements
  • Whether you have temperature sensitivity, such as a tendency to get hot too easily
  • What size and/or shape you need your mattress to be (we can work with unusual mattress sizes and shapes if needed)
  • Where you intend to use the mattress (such as in a house or apartment bedframe, in an RV, on a boat, or on a solid non-deflective surface)

With the answers to these questions, we can build a starting point and eliminate mattress options that won’t work for you. The next step in our mattress fitting process will be to look at products and materials that could help with your needs.

Step 2: Fitting the Mattress Top

At Slumber Ease, we have plenty of different sample mattresses on hand in our factory for you to try. We will have you work with these sample mattresses to determine which mattress tops, core firmness levels, and materials work best for you – starting with the mattress top.

Have you ever been to the eye doctor and tried different lenses to find out what prescription you needed? This step of the mattress fitting process is very similar. We will have you try out a pair of mattresses that are a tiny bit different from each other and tell us which one feels best, then move on to the next pair, then the next, until we find the best possible option.

The ideal mattress top depends mostly on your shape and sleeping position. We want to make sure your mattress will support spinal alignment. Different people may need different top depth levels for optimum support and good alignment.

We can also help you try out different mattress materials, including latex, memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and more. Some of customers walk into our factory showroom thinking they want a particular mattress material, such as memory foam, but then realize it’s not the best option for them after trying it out in person.

The only way to know for sure is to try it! This is why we always recommend that the intended mattress users come visit our factory showroom. If someone else comes into the factory, the final product will be customized to them rather than to the intended user.

Step 3: Fitting the Mattress Core

The next part of our mattress customization is fitting the weight-bearing mattress core. The mattress core firmness level depends mostly on your size, although we will not ask for your exact weight. It’s not uncommon to try out half a dozen sample mattresses (or more!) during this stage.

Once again, we will have you try out pairs of very similar mattresses. Your reaction to the sensations of different mattresses will tell us which component you are reacting to.

We will keep comparing mattresses and eliminating options until we’ve found the best match for each aspect of your mattress. Ultimately, your body will dictate your ideal mattress to us.

Step 4: Building the Mattress

custom mattress fitting

After we’ve gathered all the information we need and you’ve tried out different sample mattresses, we can start building your customized mattress.

We will work on your new mattress in our factory in Marysville, WA. In this manufacturing space, we hand assemble our made-to-order mattresses using a combination of dependable legacy machinery from our origins and modern tools. We’re happy to show you our factory so you can see firsthand how your mattress will be built.

At Slumber Ease, we do not compromise on product quality. We use a combination of traditional methods and advanced technologies to create the best possible mattress for sound sleep. We also source only the highest quality materials for our custom mattresses.

What if My Partner and I Have Different Custom Mattress Fitting Needs?

If you are a couple, we will fit each person individually first. We combine what we learn during the sample mattress tests to create an option that will work well for both people.

At Slumber Ease, we are up for a challenge. We understand that different people have different needs and preferences, and we can find ways to meet both your own and your partner’s needs at the same time. We will work to accommodate both people so we can create the best possible sleep solution for your household.

Get Started On Your Custom Mattress Fitting

custom mattress fitting

Slumber Ease has been designing and producing premium mattresses since 1962. We work with people like you to create the best possible mattress for your unique sleep and health needs.

Since everyone is different, we custom fit all of our mattresses on a case-by-case basis. This approach gives us a decisive advantage over national brands, online sellers, and local “discount” dealers. As a direct manufacturer, we are able to cut out the middlemen and give our customers superior quality at a fraction of the price of comparable brands.

If you are interested in creating a custom-fit mattress with expert help from the Slumber Ease team, reach out to us today!