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You know sleep is important, but you’re not sure whether a custom mattress fitting is worth the hype. Does your mattress really matter that much? Would a standardized mattress from an online seller work just as well?

If you’ve ever slept on a bad hotel mattress, you know that mattress quality matters. A custom mattress is tailored to your body’s unique sleep needs and your personal preferences, so it will always be the best choice.

6 Reasons to Get a Custom Mattress Fitting

1. It will be more comfortable than any other mattress

Different people find different mattresses more comfortable. Some people prefer a firmer-feeling bed, while others want to feel like they’re sinking into their mattress.

Customizing your mattress also helps you get more temperature control. If you’re often too hot or too cold to sleep well at night, a different mattress material might help fix the problem.

2. It can help with your unique health needs

custom mattress fitting

Many people have health concerns or conditions that affect their sleep. These can include anything from allergies to pain points, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or even temporary events like pregnancy.

A custom mattress manufacturer can create the right sleeping surface for your health needs. They can build a mattress with hypoallergenic materials, extra support, or other customized solutions for your health needs. Whatever kind of mattress you need, a custom mattress manufacturer can help!

3. It will work for both you and your partner

Since everyone has different sleep needs, it’s easy for couples to wind up arguing about which standardized mattress to get. With a custom mattress manufacturer, you don’t need to worry about that.

A custom mattress can be designed to satisfy both partners’ sleep needs and wants. In some cases, the custom mattress manufacturer can even create different surfaces on each side of the mattress.

4. A custom mattress fitting can support your preferred sleep position

Did you know that your sleep position affects what kind of mattress you need? People who sleep on their sides often need “softer” feeling mattresses than people who sleep on their back or stomach. Your sleep position might change the type and number of layers your mattress should have.

There are plenty of other things that can affect the kind of mattress you need. Your age, weight, and personal preferences should all factor into the mattress customization process.

5. It will perfectly fit your unusual bed frame

custom mattress fitting

Do you have an antique or unusual bedframe in a non-standard shape? Some bed frames just can’t fit a standard twin, queen, or king size mattress.

Custom mattress manufacturers can create a mattress that perfectly fits your bed frame’s unique dimensions. If you have an unusual frame shape, they can also help you with the measurement process.

6. You can save by working directly with the manufacturer

If you choose to work with a custom mattress factory, you might be surprised by how much money you save! Buying straight from the manufacturer means you cut middlemen and their fees out of the purchasing process. The fewer companies or people your mattress passes through on its way to you, the less expensive it will be for you.

Custom mattress factories can often give you better quality, personalized mattresses for a fraction of the price through other sellers.

The Slumber Ease Custom Mattress Fitting Process

At Slumber Ease, we have an in-depth mattress fitting process to help customers get the best product for their needs.

Unlike other “custom” mattress makers, we don’t just tell you to pick a “firmness” level and a material. Our process requires trying out different options in person, asking about your health concerns, and more.

It Starts With a Conversation

Each Slumber Ease mattress fitting session starts with a conversation. We ask you questions to help narrow down your options and determine what you need. Our goal is to listen closely and get a full understanding of any sleep- or mattress-related problems you have.

We ask each customer about:

  • Any health issues you are concerned about, like allergies, pressure issues, back fusions, and other pains
  • Whether your partner’s movements make it harder to fall or stay asleep in bed
  • Whether you have temperature issues with your current mattress, such as a tendency to get hot too easily
  • What size and shape your mattress needs to be, especially if you have an unusual bed frame design
  • Whether you need the mattress for your house or apartment, boat, or RV

Fitting Your Mattress Top

custom mattress fitting

The next step is to work with sample products and materials to figure out how to make the most suitable mattress top for you. We have you try out a series of mattress pairs that are just a little different from each other, and you tell us which one feels best. We’ll keep going until we find the best possible mattress top.

The mattress top supports your spinal alignment, so the best top depends on your sleeping position and shape. Different people need different top depth levels to get the right support and alignment.

This is also the stage where you can try out different mattress materials, like latex, traditional innerspring mattresses, memory foam, and hybrid options. Often, customers think they know what material they want but find that something else works better after trying it out in person.

At Slumber Ease, we have a ton of sample mattresses you can try in our factory showroom. We firmly believe that the only way to know what kind of mattress you need is to try it!

One important note: If you are buying the mattress for someone else, they should come into the factory showroom with you. The final mattress product will be customized to whoever tries out the mattress samples in person.

Fitting Your Mattress Core

This step works a lot like the last one: you try out a series of pairs of similar mattresses and tell us which one works best. We see how you react to different components and sensations.

The mattress core is different from the top. It’s the weight-bearing part of the mattress. The firmness level of this section depends mostly on your size, although we will not ask you for your exact weight.

Many people try out half a dozen mattresses during this stage of the fitting process, or even more! We’ll keep comparing options until we find the option your body reacts best to.

Building Your Ideal Mattress

We’ve narrowed down which materials, layers, and options work best for you. Now it’s time to start building your customized mattress!

At Slumber Ease, we work on all our mattresses in our factory in Marysville, WA. Each mattress is hand-assembled and made to order using a combination of dependable legacy machinery and modern tools. If you’re curious about our processes, we’re happy to show you our factory.

Get Started On Your Custom Mattress Fitting

Slumber Ease Mattress Factory has been designing and producing premium mattresses since 1962. We work to give you the best possible mattress for your sleep needs, health concerns, and personal preferences.

If you are interested in creating a custom-fit mattress with expert help from the Slumber Ease team, reach out to us today!