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With so many mattress options available, it can be hard to determine which is the best fit for your needs and budget. A custom mattress is a great way to go to ensure that the mattress meets your specific comfort needs and is engineered and constructed by professionals, providing a mattress that will last for years to come.

There are many categories of mattresses available. Here are some of the most popular to consider in your search for the perfect mattress (you may also want to read our blog on the factors you need to consider before buying a mattress).

Latex Mattress for Body Pressure Reduction

Latex mattresses are naturally durable and breathable. They provide proper support by instantly conforming to your body, reducing pressure in common problem areas such as the back, shoulders, and hips. Latex mattresses are considered the best at pressure reduction, of all mattress types. In addition to providing great support for your bed at home, latex mattresses are great options for recreational travel in RV or boats, as they resist mold and mildew.

The only downside to latex mattresses is the weight. They are very heavy, making them difficult to move around.

Memory Foam Mattresses Prevent Excessive Movement

Memory foam mattresses are typically constructed with a stabilizing top layer of memory foam called viscoelastic, with a base of conventional polyurethane foam and covered with a plain or quilted cover. This type of mattress prevents excessive movement while sleeping and provides maximum depth.

One drawback of memory foam is the buildup of heat in the mattress. Memory foam is not a great option for someone who is seeking a cool sleeping surface. There are products available with cooler sleeping surface claims. Generally, these products include a layer of cooling gel, which works for about 20 minutes before the mattress starts to conduct the sleeper’s body temperature. Therefore, cooling is something you are seeking in a mattress, it may be beneficial to research options outside of the memory foam category.

Polyurethane Foam Mattress Can Be Customized to any Specification

Polyurethane mattresses are constructed of high-quality foam and can be customized to fit any sleeper’s size, shape and comfort specifications. They are extremely durable, comfortably accommodating sleepers who weigh under 100lbs to over 400lbs.

A con of the polyurethane foam mattress, similar to the memory foam mattress, is that they tend to sleep warmer. Additionally, although historically a less expensive option, they have become more popular and pricing has increased over the years.

Innerspring Mattress Provide a Cooler Sleeping Experience

A properly constructed innerspring mattress can provide the sleeper with many years of comfort! Innerspring mattresses can be made in various sizes, depending on the coils used in constructing the mattress. Mattresses containing springs also include various, customizable levels of foam comfort layers that are added to achieve the perfect firmness or cushion for the sleeper.

If you prefer a cooler sleeping experience, an innerspring mattress is your product of choice!

Mattress Stores Provide Custom Mattress Fittings

On average Americans spend 8.8 hours per day sleeping, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That is 3,212 hour a year laying on your mattress! You should choose a mattress that provides supported comfort every time you lay down. By working with a mattress store that builds custom mattresses, you can ensure that your mattress is tailored to your specific physical needs: weight, height, body shape, injuries, etc. Next time you visit a mattress showroom, ask about custom mattress options and they will fit you to your perfect mattress!

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