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To say that the quality of our sleep matters is a vast understatement—particularly when most of us spend up to a third of our lifetime sleeping! For this reason, your mattress is an important factor in sleep quality, which in turn affects how you feel each and every day. While there are many mattress options available on the market today, few have the ability to upgrade your sleep and well-being like a custom-made mattress.

Common Mattress Types

To understand what a custom-made mattress can offer, it’s important to understand the mass market mattress options available today. Most of us are familiar with the following types:

  • Traditional coil mattresses—made from interior steel coils
  • Memory foam mattresses—made from polyurethane foams
  • Latex foam mattresses—made from foams derived from natural rubber
  • Hybrid mattresses—constructed with various types of foam and/or coils
  • Adjustable air—consisting of air chambers that can be inflated or deflated

Quality and of course price can range widely, with budget models as low as $199 to more than $3,000 for a Sleep Number.

Cost Versus Quality of Mattresses

For years, mattress shopping was shopping at a retail mattress store and working with a salesperson to choose one of the options from their offerings. With this approach, you’re presented only a limited number of options with high retail mark-ups—not to mention possible upselling by salespeople who don’t necessarily understand your needs. Similarly, trusted big-name brands like Tempurpedic run a steep price tag, with popular models in the $2,000.

In the end, more money spent doesn’t guarantee a better night’s sleep. Most online sources state that a starting budget of $800 to $1,000 is reasonable for sourcing the right mattress. Particularly when a quality mattress lasts 8-10 years, it’s worth it to spend on quality, but not overspend on name brands or gimmicks.

The Benefits of a Custom-Made Mattress

Sleeping on a custom-made mattressThe benefit of custom mattresses is that the assumption is never “one-size-fits-all,” which contrasts sharply with mass-market mattresses. Typically, mattresses are designed to target a “universal comfort” range—which is the range of firmness and support preferred by the majority of people.

And yet, so many products that work for many are simply not “universal” solutions for all. A prime example of this is memory foam, a popular mattress choice for alleviating joint pain and increasing comfort. At the same time, this dense foam material may not be the best choice for someone who sleeps warm. These nuances are one of many reasons not to automatically spring for the big-name, big-ticket mattress brands.

Your Ideal Sleep System

Everyone deserves a quality night’s sleep. When there are so many options on the market already, why gamble with the countless options? With a custom-made mattress, the multitude of other factors that contribute to choosing the right mattress, such as budget, firmness, sleep position and individual body type and weight can be considered freely, without constraints of a brand, material type or product line. It could be the difference between feeling well-rested or depleted and achy during your waking hours.

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