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Do you wake up feeling stiff and grouchy when you sleep in your RV? Do you have back pain or other health problems stemming from a poor-quality camper mattress?

Standard stock RV mattresses and even many replacements are built to be lightweight rather than comfortable, helping manufacturers cut overall weight to advertise fractionally higher miles per gallon. Fortunately, that’s an easy problem to fix with the right RV or camper mattress.

Do You Really Need A New Camper Mattress?

If your current mattress is too thin or hard, you may think you need a new one. However, the problem may be surface-level. If you’re experiencing discomfort from springs poking out or thinness, you may find that your problems can be solved with a new mattress topper, which is cheaper than replacing the entire mattress.

But if your camper mattress is lumpy, saggy, or too soft, a mattress topper won’t fix the problem. You’ll need a new mattress to get proper rest and decrease pain.

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Finding A Cut Corner RV Mattress That Fits

RV bed frames are generally shaped differently than standard bed frames, so you can’t buy just any mattress and expect it to fit.

Typically, RV mattresses must be six inches shorter than standard mattresses. In addition, you may need an unusually shaped mattress since some RVs shave off corners on bed frames to allow for easier access to the bathroom or cupboards.

Measuring for Your New Camper Mattress

Before you buy a new mattress, you’ll need to know the exact size and shape of your camper or RV’s bed frame. Double-check the width and height to make sure you don’t buy a mattress that’s an inch too wide for your space.

  • Here are the standard sizes for RV mattresses:
  • RV Twin/Single: 34” x 75”
  • RV Full/Double: 49” x 75”
  • RV Queen: 60” x 75”
  • RV King: 72” x 75”

How To Choose The Best Camper Mattress

Most camper and RV mattresses are made from foam since this material is light and easy to package. However, there are many other materials on the market.

  • Foam mattresses are the most basic option and are the kind most manufacturers put in their RVs. There are both low-quality and high-quality options available. Low-quality foam tends to sag and become squashed after a few months, but higher-quality mattresses last longer and can comfort users with back problems. Density is also a consideration: higher density foam is more durable in different temperatures, but may not breathe as well on hot nights. Breathability may be improved with a good mattress topper.road trip with rv
  • Spring or coil mattresses are the type that most people have on their beds in houses and apartments. They tend to be more comfortable than foam mattresses, but are very heavy and may not be suited to RVs. Additionally, these mattresses are likely to build up black mold on the bottom if they’re not adequately vented with a slatted bed bottom.
  • Memory foam mattresses are a moderately priced option that reduces tossing and turning, as well as back pain in some cases. Older closed-cell memory foam can feel sweaty, but newer open-cell forms are breathable. If heat is an issue, you can also choose gel memory foam, which is designed to be cool to the touch.
  • Air mattresses are pricey but incredibly comfortable. Many air mattresses have two sides with adjustable firmness, which helps partners with different sleeping habits. They are also easy to move and store, making them ideal for less-used bunks. However, air mattresses can leak or be punctured and deflate, so they often require careful maintenance, including regularly adjusting the pressure during altitude changes.

If you have an RV, you know you are already living the dream. You can travel the country, get your fill of wide-open space outside, and experience the heart of every place you visit rather than only seeing the touristy spots.

Slumber Ease offers high-quality custom RV mattresses that are ideal for people with back pain or injuries. Don’t let an uncomfortable, poorly built mattress stop you from enjoying the unique pleasures of RV life. Stop by our factory showroom or contact us to learn more about your RV and camper mattress options.


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