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There’s a lot of confusing, contradictory information out there about what kind of mattress you should choose.

“Natural latex is the healthiest choice!” One brand advertises.

“What you really need is a high-quality classic innerspring mattress!” Another brand claims.

The reality is, the best mattress for any one person is usually a hybrid mattress made from a combination of materials. Each layer has its own impact on the sleeping surface, creating a combination of sleep benefits and reducing the downsides of any one material.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress is made from multiple layers and materials. There is usually at least one layer of foam to create pressure point relief and a slight body-contouring sensation, plus high-quality springs to provide better support.

Some hybrid mattresses use latex, high-density polyurethane, or memory foam together with an innerspring system. Others use a combination of all of those materials and more.

Custom mattress factories will usually work with the customer to create the perfect mix of materials for their individual sleep preferences. At some factory showrooms, customers can try out different combinations of core and top layers until they find the perfect fit.

Check out our post about the custom fitting process to see how this works!

Why Many Manufacturers Are Shifting Toward Hybrid Mattresses in 2022

Many people find that they prefer hybrid mattresses after trying out multiple options in a mattress factory.

A typical hybrid mattress will feel similar to a high-quality, traditional innerspring surface, but provide more motion isolation and airflow. It will also lack the sinking feeling of a memory foam mattress, which many people ultimately find annoying or uncomfortable after trying to sleep on the material all night.

Best of all, the mix of materials usually helps with temperature regulation. Some mattress materials, like memory foam, tend to keep heat in. With a hybrid mattress, the factory can eliminate or reduce temperature problems while still giving you the benefits of each material.

Hybrid mattresses are usually a blend of old and new technology. In some cases, making a great hybrid mattress requires tech that simply didn’t exist until recently. At the same time, some traditional processes and materials have stood the test of time, making them an important part of the hybrid mattress manufacturing process.

When you combine the best of the old and new, you end up with a superior mattress.

Stop By Our Showroom to Try Our Hybrid Mattress Options

Find the perfect fit for your body

At Slumber Ease Mattress Factory, we are dedicated to helping customers create the perfect mattress for their sleep preferences and wellness needs.

With the right mattress, we can help you reduce back and joint pain, avoid feeling your partner’s movements, deal with temperature sensitivity, find hypoallergenic options, and so much more.

Our custom fitting process involves:

  • Understanding your needs, including any health or sleep issues you wish to address
  • Fitting the top of the mattress, in which you get to try out different sample materials and top depth levels and find the best option for spinal alignment
  • Fitting the core of the mattress, in which we help you try out sample mattresses to find the right level of support

If you aren’t sure what type of hybrid mattress you need (or even if you think you know!), we encourage you to stop by our factory showroom in Marysville, WA. You can try out different mattress materials, find the perfect top layer depth and core support level, and even compare our mattresses against our competitors’ products.

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Or, contact us to learn more about our custom-fit mattresses and process.

We’re excited to help you get better quality sleep!