Last updated on March 14th, 2024 at 10:40 am

You can find mattresses almost anywhere these days. From national brand mattress stores to mattresses-in-a-box you can buy online, there are infinite options for mattress seekers across the country.

However, there’s one option that shines above the rest: buying from a local mattress factory. These companies manufacture, sell, and deliver custom mattresses that are a cut above the rest. Here’s why you should buy from a local mattress company:

1. You Will Get Better Quality for the Price

Small mattress factories have more control over the quality of their products than national brands that mass-produce everything. With small batches and handmade techniques, it’s easier to catch quality issues early on and produce the best possible products.

In addition to the higher quality, you will likely also get a better price at a local mattress factory. Most national brands that advertise mattress sales do not provide a better price in the end. Large companies often dramatically mark up the price of their mattresses to allow for sales commissions and middlemen.

2. A Local Mattress Factory Can Be More Flexible to Meet Your Needs

When you buy a mattress from a local factory, you can get it custom-made to suit your unique sleep needs. That means you can choose from unique materials, build a slightly softer or firmer mattress, or purchase a mattress in an unusual size to fit an antique bed frame.

Many local mattress factories will add or take out padding if the customer is not satisfied with their mattress when it arrives. As with most small and local businesses, you are likely to get top-notch customer support that a national brand just can’t match.

3. You Can See the Mattresses as They are Made and Test out Products

Some local mattress factories allow you to tour their factories or visit their showrooms and try out their wares. You can see which materials and firmness levels work best for you so you can purchase the mattress that will get you the best sleep.

While national brand sales associates will often guide customers toward more expensive mattresses than they need, a local mattress factory worker will help you find the product that best fits you. Their success depends on providing customers with the best possible experience so they will spread the word to others in their local community.

4. Buying From a Local Mattress Factory Supports the Local Economy

Buying local supports the economic base of your community, and this is more important now than ever. When you buy from an independent, locally-owned business, a larger portion of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses and service providers. You will also be supporting local jobs and workers who live in your neighborhood.

By supporting local businesses, you help maintain the unique character of the community you live in. There are countless towns filled with chain stores, but only yours has the unique local businesses that your neighbors have been running and working at for generations.

5. Buying Local has a Lower Environmental Footprint

Buying local is also a good way to reduce your impact on the environment. Locally owned businesses tend to purchase supplies from the immediate area and ship their wares for shorter differences.

Anything you can do to reduce transportation requirements will lower your carbon footprint.

Buy Local in the Pacific Northwest

At Slumber Ease, we have been designing premium custom mattresses for over 50 years. We know that everyone is different, so we custom fit all our mattresses on a case-by-case basis. Each mattress is made-to-order at our factory in Marysville, WA using only the highest-quality materials.

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