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If you’re buying from a custom mattress factory, you have an incredible opportunity to tailor your mattress to your sleep preferences. While some mattresses may be decent sleep options off-the-shelf, nothing compares to a custom comfort Everett latex mattress that is built just for you.

Depending on where you buy, you may have a wide range of latex mattress customization options. Some factories go far beyond just letting you choose a “firmness level.”

How You Can Customize an Everett Latex Mattress

Customizing the Mattress for Your Sleep Style

For some people, one of the best custom mattress benefits is the ability to choose layers that support your sleeping position. The most comfortable mattresses for side sleepers are sometimes a little different from the ideal choice for back sleepers.

You can also get a mattress with better back support or pressure point relief. At Slumber Ease Mattress Factory, customizing a mattress for your sleep style is about far more than choosing between a few mattress firmness levels. We can help you find a core support option that gives you good spinal alignment and a top layer that provides the right support.

Customizing the Size and Shape for Unique Spaces

If you have an unusually shaped bed frame, you need a mattress that fits. Thankfully, custom mattress factories are used to working with odd dimensions, especially for marine and RV mattresses. Some factories can even build oddly angled, rounded, and foldable boat mattresses that fit in V-berth spaces.

RV sleeping areas usually have different dimensions from standard home bed frames, even if they claim to be “twin” or “queen” sized. The mattresses that come in RVs are often uncomfortable, so people will often request custom RV replacement mattresses in non-standard sizes.

Customizing the Mattress Materials

If you have allergies, you likely appreciate natural latex for being hypoallergenic. With a custom mattress factory, you can choose a quality latex material for your mattress or combine latex with another material for a personalized hybrid mattress.

Customizing For Health Benefits

Mattress personalization can give you some great health benefits. Some factories can customize mattresses for spinal alignment, pain reduction, post-injury or post-surgery rehabilitation, allergy concerns, and other health needs.

Crafting Quality: The Handmade Difference

everett latex mattress

If you appreciate handmade products, you will love a handcrafted mattress. You generally can’t find this kind of quality from a big box store or online brand, but your local mattress manufacturer may offer it.

At Slumber Ease, we pride ourselves on the quality of our handcrafted sleep products. Our mattresses are double-sided, meaning you can flip them over and use the back side for more even wear and durability.

How to Order Your Custom Everett Latex Mattress

To order a custom mattress, measure your bed frame and then visit our factory showroom. At Slumber Ease, we use the following process:

  1. Talk to a Mattress Professional: Once you’ve decided on a custom mattress, it’s time for a conversation with a mattress professional. Tell them about your sleep preferences, health considerations, and any other requirements so they can narrow down the best customization options.
  2. Customize the Mattress Top: The next step is selecting the mattress top options that suit you best. Different tops cater to various body shapes, comfort preferences, and sleeping positions. We’ll guide you through trying out different options to ensure optimal spinal alignment and support.
  3. Customize the Mattress Core: The ideal core support layer for a mattress depends on your individual body and support needs. We’ll provide options for you to try until we determine the best fit for your body.

Place Your Order: Once we have all your specifications, we can begin crafting your custom mattress. Your personalized sleep solution will be ready for you to enjoy in no time.

Experience the unmatched comfort of a custom mattress tailored to your unique sleep preferences. Don’t settle for standard when perfection is within reach.

Slumber Ease Mattress Factory crafts custom latex, innerspring, foam, and hybrid mattresses. Our mattress showroom is in Marysville, WA, just north of Everett. Visit us today to start creating your dream mattress.