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In the quest for quality sleep, one size does not fit all. Custom mattresses are a personalized solution that offers better comfort and health for many people.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, but most of us don’t think much about whether our mattress could make a difference in our lives. It can — or at least that’s what our customers tell us at Slumber Ease Mattress Factory. A custom mattress is an investment in your overall well-being.

With a custom-made mattress, restless nights of sleep could be a thing of the past. By addressing your specific sleep needs, a custom mattress may just help you sleep better. At Slumber Ease, we hope to get you drifting toward your best sleep ever in no time.

The Benefits of Custom Mattresses

custom mattresses

For some people, a custom mattress can make an enormous difference. Different materials and layers can create a very different sleeping experience, depending on your body, sleeping position, partner’s movements, and health needs. 

Tailored Comfort for Your Sleep Preferences

Everybody has a sleeping position that they find most comfortable. Your mattress can be custom-made to align your spine and relieve pressure based on whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper. 

If you share a bed with a partner, you might encounter challenges in your sleep quality with most standardized mattresses. You might each have separate preferences for comfort or wake up in the middle of the night due to your partner’s movements. With a custom mattress designed to meet both your needs, you can each achieve a peaceful slumber once again.

The Best Mattress For Your Health

Sleep impacts health, and a personalized mattress can work wonders. From alleviating back pain to ensuring proper spinal alignment, you can tailor a custom mattress to address your health needs, which will then promote better sleep and overall well-being.

If you are recovering from surgery or an injury, a rehabilitation mattress is a great choice to consider. These mattresses can be custom-built to provide the exact support and firmness your physician prescribes. 

Many people also have allergies that can affect their sleep. A custom mattress can be made with allergen-resistant or hypoallergenic materials to help you breathe easier. Sweet dreams aren’t as far away when you settle down into a custom mattress designed for your health.

A Perfect Fit for Non-Standard Bed Sizes, RVs, Boats, and Antique Beds

custom mattresses

Many people struggle to find standard-sized mattresses that fit their antique beds, RV beds, or boat sleeping areas. If you are an RV or boat owner, you know that finding the right mattress for your space is challenging. Fortunately, there’s a solution: a custom mattress.

Slumber Ease can build you a mattress that fits perfectly and stands up to the damp. We can even help you measure your space if you’re not sure how to describe rounded corners and odd angles. Then, you can sleep like a dream on your next recreational outing with a mattress made special for your boat or RV. 

Another time when it makes sense to get a custom mattress is if you are the owner of an antique bed. If the frame is an unusual shape, a standard mattress won’t fit well. As a custom mattress manufacturer, we can design a mattress for your antique bed frame so you can get a good night’s sleep.

No matter what kind of non-standard bed frame you have, your mattress can be custom-made to fit it perfectly. We can help you enjoy optimal support and comfort in your sleeping space. 

Handcrafted Quality

Many custom mattresses are handcrafted, which typically makes them superior quality. While mass-produced mattresses are often made cheaply and with lower quality standards, custom mattresses are typically handmade with care.

Custom mattresses are built with quality top of mind. Depending on the manufacturer, your mattress will be made with the best techniques and the highest quality materials. Some custom mattress manufacturers, like Slumber Ease, even make double-sided mattresses that can used on both sides for extra longevity.

You will see the difference immediately upon receiving your new mattress. The artisans who craft custom mattresses take great pride in their work, paying attention to all the details from the stitching to the tufting and quilting. With dedication like this, these mattresses are built to last.

Often Made Locally

If you like to support local businesses and help grow your local economy, buying a handcrafted mattress from a local mattress factory is a great choice. Your money will go to support working people in your community, who can then use that money to support other members of the community as well.

Not only are you supporting your local area, but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. If your mattress is made near your home, it won’t have as far to travel, meaning less fuel usage. Buying a locally-made custom mattress has all kinds of benefits!

With your unique, handcrafted, locally made custom mattress, you can get your best sleep every night. We design custom mattresses entirely to your specifications in terms of size, sleep preferences, health needs, and materials. You can choose between plush innerspring, latex foam, or visco-elastic (memory) foam.

How to Order a Custom Mattress

custom mattresses

You might be wondering how you can start bringing your custom mattress dreams into reality. At Slumber Ease, we make the custom fitting process easy. 

Here’s how to go about ordering a custom mattress from us:

1. Measure Your Bed Frame

All custom mattresses start with getting an accurate measurement of the bed frame or sleeping space. Whether the mattress is going on your bed you use every night or in a smaller, occasionally-used space like your camping RV or boat, your custom mattress should be the perfect fit. Give us a call if you have any questions about how to measure your sleeping space.

2. Visit Our Factory Showroom

Nothing is more helpful than trying out mattresses firsthand. Many customers are surprised to see which materials are most comfortable for them when they compare options in person. The end mattress user should always visit the showroom, as we want to make sure we’re customizing the mattress for them.

3. Talk to a Mattress Professional

Once you know you want a custom mattress, it’s time to have a conversation with a mattress professional. This step is where you discuss all your preferences, health concerns, and sleep needs so they can narrow down customization options that may work well for you.

4. Choose a Mattress Top

Next, we will ask you to try out different mattress tops to find what is most comfortable for you. The ideal mattress top depends mostly on your shape and sleeping position. Different people need different top-depth levels for optimum spinal alignment and support. 

5. Choose a Mattress Core

The other piece of the customization process is the mattress core. Again, the best mattress core varies from person to person and depends a lot on your body, so we will have you try out several options to find your best fit. We will eliminate options until we determine your ideal choice.

6. Place Your Order

And that’s it! Once we have all your specifications, we can start making your custom mattress. You’ll get to enjoy your custom-made sleep haven soon.

Custom mattresses offer an unparalleled sleep experience. They’re not just regular mattresses; they’re personalized comfort tailored to your unique needs. 

Why settle for standard when you can have perfection? Try a custom mattress and transform the way you sleep. Stop by our factory showroom today to get started on creating your dreamiest possible mattress.