Last updated on March 14th, 2024 at 10:33 am

If you think a better quality mattress would improve your sleep, there’s a good chance you’re right. Research suggests that people really do sleep better on more comfortable mattresses.

In 2024, there are countless online sellers, big box stores, and factories claiming to sell high-quality luxury mattresses. It’s hard to tell who has the best option for your sleep needs, especially if you can’t compare them all in person.

At Slumber Ease, we offer something that stands apart from the rest: highly customized mattresses — made with the highest quality materials and processes — with dozens of options you can try out in person. You can even compare our mattresses with our competitors’ products in our showroom.

If you want to see for yourself which luxury mattress is the most comfortable, it’s time to stop by the Slumber Ease Mattress Factory showroom. Here’s why our custom mattresses are so luxurious:

The Most In-Depth Custom Fitting Process

Some “custom” mattress manufacturers don’t actually customize that much. They may have you choose from a few different “firmness” numbers and call it a day.

At Slumber Ease, we do so much more. We customize your mattress based on your health concerns, temperature sensitivity, need to avoid motion transfer from your partner, sleeping position, and spinal alignment.

Our custom mattress fitting process has several steps:

1. Conversation. We ask you about your needs and the sleep-related problems you currently struggle with.

Allergies, back pain, pressure issues, the tendency to get hot too easily, your partners’ movements, and many other issues can factor into the mattress options we will present.

2. Fitting the mattress top. Next, we ask you to try out sample mattresses in our showroom so we can find the best top and material for you.

We will have you try out pairs of mattresses that are slightly different from each other and tell us which one feels best. Our team will also make sure your mattress top supports your spinal alignment and typical sleeping position.

3. Fitting the weight-bearing core. Different people need different mattress core firmness levels. Many of our customers try our half a dozen sample mattresses during this stage as we find the best match for each aspect of the mattress.

Ultimately, your body will dictate the mattress we create for you. We aim to find the best mattress options for your specific needs, and we go the extra mile to find the right choices.

High-Quality Materials and Processes

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Slumber Ease doesn’t compromise on the quality of our products. We take pride in sourcing high-quality materials to create true luxury mattresses.

Our mattress factory uses a combination of traditional methods and advanced technologies to create the best-quality mattresses. We believe the process is important. If you’d like to see how your mattress will be built, we’re happy to show you around our factory and showroom.

60+ Years of Experience With Local Customers

Slumber Ease has been designing and producing premium mattresses since 1962. We have been honing our techniques for six decades now, and we know how to make excellent luxury mattresses.

Best of all, we make all of our sleep products right here in Marysville, WA. When you buy from Slumber Ease, you’re supporting local craftspeople who care about their community and the impact they make on your life. Our employees are part of a long tradition of helping Pacific Northwest residents get their best possible sleep.

Create Your Custom Luxury Mattress Today

Ready to experience the Slumber Ease difference? Stop by our factory showroom at 1301 4th Street, Marysville, WA 98270. We’re open 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays.