Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 03:03 pm

Living or vacationing in an RV can be ideal for many people. The chance to travel and see the world, while maintaining the comfort of your own living space has more people than ever taking RV trips. However, even while on vacation, getting a good night’s sleep is still important. Whether you have back pain, trouble sleeping, or just need the best night’s sleep possible, a custom RV mattress can help!

You Deserve Good Sleep While On Vacation

A bad night’s sleep can ruin any day, but this can be even worse when you are on vacation. By sleeping well, you give your body the chance to really relax, and you wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy your time off. Nothing can be a bigger barrier to good sleep than a bad mattress.

By finding the right mattress, you can sleep better and avoid aches and pains ruining your plans. If you have back pain or are recovering from an injury, it is even more important to ensure your mattress is helping you to make the most of your limited vacation time.

Custom RV Mattresses Give You Exactly What You Need

RV mattressesCustom mattresses are built to give you the optimal support for your individual needs. Finding the right firmness and support is important for any mattress, but with RV mattresses it can be much more difficult to find that perfect fit.

While it can be easy to try out regular mattresses, it is harder to do so with RV mattress. Limited selection and less information can make the process a lot more difficult. But by building a mattress from the ground up, you can get exactly what you need without hassle.

Your Stock RV Mattress Just Isn’t Cutting It

Often, RV owners never even consider upgrading the mattresses that came with the vehicle. These stock mattresses are often very low quality, built with poor materials, offering very little support. To make matters worse, these mattresses usually wear poorly with age. Manufacturers tend to skimp on mattress quality to save money and work on the assumption that many RV owners won’t notice or care.

For some RV owners, these low-quality mattresses may fine. If your back doesn’t get stiff and archy, and you only spend a small number of nights each year in the RV, you may be able to get years of use out of your stock mattress. But any back pain, sleep troubles, or general aches and pains will be greatly exacerbated by these poor mattresses.

If you are already thinking of upgrading our replacing your stock RV mattress, considering making the move to a custom mattress. Slumber Ease makes some of the highest quality custom mattresses available. We would love to help you find your perfect night’s sleep.

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