Last updated on May 15th, 2024 at 08:29 am

Every seven to 10 years, many of us are faced with the daunting task of buying a new mattress. With new online mattress companies emerging and products constantly evolving, it can be hard to figure out exactly what’s best for you and how to go about finding the right fit.

Mattresses are fundamental to our well-being, and after all, your decision will be one you live with for the year. We encourage you to take the following into consideration before purchasing a new mattress.

Mattress Budget: It’s Important to be Flexible!

custom made mattress Like with many home items, a new mattress is an investment. You’ll be sleeping on it for years to come, so if the difference between having the mattress of your dreams and one that’s just okay is a couple of hundred dollars, it’s worth it to think about having some flexibility in your budget.

A good mattress can directly affect the amount of sleep you’re getting, which in turn affects your energy throughout the day, your ability to perform at work, your mood, and your overall health. Think of it this way: you’re not investing in a new mattress, you’re investing in you.

Comfort is Key

Unsurprisingly, this part is subjective. Everybody is different and has different needs, so what one person may think is a fluffy slice of heaven, another may find to be as comfortable as an undersized, poorly-filled bean bag.

Because every single body is different, we highly recommend considering a custom mattress. A custom mattress will ensure you get your very best sleep, and perfect support because it’s carefully designed just for you.

Take it for a Spin

Custom mattress or not, always remember to test the mattress before you buy it. Don’t be shy, and don’t feel pressure to make a decision quickly if you’re not convinced that you’ve found the right fit.

Remember, it’s your body’s sleep and comfort that’s at stake. If you do go the custom mattress route (and we hope you do), you can always stop by our Marysville showroom to test out different options. Our mission is to create the perfect mattress for you, and we’re dedicated to every step of that process.

custom-matrass testing optionsQuality Matters

Do some research! Ask questions about the kinds of materials used in the mattress. What’s the gauge of the coils? How dense is the memory foam? Essentially, what ensures that the mattress will pass the test of time? At Slumber Ease, we specialize in custom mattresses and have been doing so for the past 50 years. We’d like to think that gives us some credibility, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Know Your Stuff

Read up on the options that are available to you when you’re on the hunt for a new mattress. You don’t need to spend hours on research, but having some basic knowledge can be helpful when considering what will work for you.

While everyone’s journey to finding the right mattress is different, we do hope you’ll consider all of the benefits that come with purchasing a custom mattress. Trust us, something that is custom- made for you and your needs is pretty hard to beat. A custom mattress is crafted with only one goal in mind: to ensure it provides you with the best sleep you’ve ever had.


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