Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 12:24 pm

Want to level up your sleep? A custom foam mattress could go a long way toward improving your sleep quality and comfort.

Read on to see how you can create your perfect custom foam mattress and how it could make a difference for you!

Why Choose a Custom Foam Mattress?

Everyone has a different body, and everyone has different sleep needs. Your mattress should be customized to your unique body, health concerns, preferences, and space.

Here are a few things about your mattress you may wish to customize for a better experience:

  • Disagreements between partners on sleep preferences. It’s fairly common for couple to want different things out of their mattresses. Fortunately, that’s something you can easily take care of with a custom RV mattress fitting that includes both of you in the process.
  • Motion transfer. If one partner in a couple tends to toss and turn in their sleep and continually wake the other up, a different type of mattress may help. Premium mattress manufacturers can use the latest motion isolation technology to create a mattress that keeps each partner calmer and less disrupted.
  • Allergy sensitivity. Some mattress materials are more likely to hold onto indoor allergens than others. If you are an allergy sufferer, your mattress may be contributing to your misery. A hypoallergenic mattress material like latex could potentially improve your health and comfort.
  • Firmness. Mattress firmness is highly subjective and based on more than one factor, and your preferences will depend on your body shape and sleep position. Side sleepers and people who tend to change positions as they sleep often require different surface layers that match their curvature.
  • Temperature. Many people complain that they get warm too easily at night. If this is you, you may be better off with a different mattress material, which you can try out at a custom mattress factory. Latex, innerspring, memory foam, and other types of foam will  all feel different and keep the heat in at different levels.
  • Thickness. If you’ve ever felt like you were sinking too deeply into your mattress, you probably needed a thicker weight-bearing mattress core. A custom mattress will be made thick enough to fully support you and help you feel comfortable. Deeper mattress surfaces also tend to be helpful for people with medical conditions like arthritis, hip pain, or shoulder pain.
  • Shape. Finally, if your bed has different dimensions from today’s standard mattresses or an unusual shape, a custom mattress manufacturer can accommodate your needs.

The Slumber Ease Custom Fitting Process

custom foam mattress

At Slumber Ease, each custom mattress fitting starts with a conversation. We ask you questions and listen so we can understand what you are looking for in a mattress, your current pain points, your health needs, and any other concerns you may have. Here are a few questions we might ask you: 

  • Do you have any health issues you wish to address? (This may include pressure, pains, back fusions, arthritis, allergies, and anything else your mattress could help with.)
  • Do you often awaken from your partner’s movement?
  • Do you have any temperature sensitivity issues?
  • Where and how often do you intend to use this mattress? Is it for your home, boat, or RV?
  • What size and shape do you need? Is the mattress for an unusual bed size or shape?
  • Do you need a foundation, or do you plan to place the mattress on a solid non-deflective surface?

After that, you can try out sample mattresses in our factory showroom as we narrow down the best options for you. We will ask you to try a series of slightly different mattresses to determine the best top depth, core firmness level, and materials for both you and your partner. Couples are fitted as individuals first, and then we later combine what we learn to create a mattress that works well for both people.