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If you’ve ever bought something that was advertised as “one size fits all,” you know it’s rarely that simple. From clothing to furniture, the most functional items are nearly always customized to meet the user’s individual needs.

Like with most products, life is much easier when your mattress is made especially for you. Here are five reasons why you should consider buying a custom mattress.

1. You and your partner have different sleep needs

Many couples have different mattress needs. Maybe you prefer a firm, supportive sleep surface while your partner wants to feel like they’re floating on a cloud. Alternatively, maybe you’re the one who needs more comfort layers than your partner. Unfortunately, traditional mattresses can only have one level of firmness throughout the entire mattress.

Custom mattresses can be made to support different levels of firmness on each side. This allows both of you to achieve the sleep experience you desire.

2. You can save money by working directly with the manufacturer

Custom Mattress

You may be surprised to learn that a custom mattress can save you money. That’s because standard showroom mattresses must go through a middle man. The more people your new mattress passes through, the higher the markup.

When you buy directly from the manufacturer, you can invest in upgrades rather than paying off a middle man. You can save money or buy a higher quality mattress for the same price you would have paid for a lower-quality standard mattress.

3. You want to improve your sleep quality

Sleep quality has an enormous impact on happiness, mental health, memory, and productivity. If you’re sleeping on a mattress that isn’t suited to your needs, you may experience lower-quality sleep and even aches and pains. In turn, sleep deprivation can lead to increased anxiety, illness, and even conflict in your relationships.

With a custom mattress, you can achieve your best possible sleep. You’ll reap the benefits in your personal and professional life.

4. You have a custom or heirloom bed frame

Not every bed is the right size or shape for a standard-sized mattress. If you want to use a family heirloom, create your own unique furniture, or buy recycled furniture, you may find that standard modern mattresses don’t work with your frame.

A custom mattress is a perfect solution for those who want to use a unique bed frame.

5. Your RV mattress just isn’t doing it for you

Standard RV mattresses aren’t built to provide the best possible sleep. In the interest of keeping the overall weight down and adding minuscule improvements to the RV’s gas mileage, manufacturers use lightweight, low-quality mattresses.

Slumber Ease offers custom mattresses for RVs as well as in-house bed frames. Read more about how to get amazing sleep in your RV here.

6. You need a mattress that works better for your body

Everyone has a different body, so it’s not surprising that standard mattresses don’t work equally well for everyone. A custom mattress can be built for your individual body.

If you’re tall, you probably need a longer mattress than the average person. Similarly, people who are heavier in weight may need a thicker mattress than those who are thinner.

7. You want your mattress to support your preferred sleeping position

Custom MattressThe perfect mattress depends on more than just your body. You should also take your sleeping position into account.


People who sleep on their back or stomach often prefer a relatively firm mattress, while those who sleep on their side may want a less firm mattress. If you are older or more fragile, you may prefer a softer mattress than a sturdy 30-year-old.

8. You want to be able to make adjustments if your needs change

If you experience pregnancy or develop arthritis, you’ll want to adjust your mattress thickness for a more comfortable life. Even switching sleep positions may require a different type of mattress support.

One of the lesser-known benefits of a custom mattress is that you can adjust it as your needs change. You can add or remove comfort layers or change the firmness of the layers.

Why settle for a one-type-fits-all mattress when you can get a mattress that’s customized for your unique needs? A custom mattress can help you and your partner achieve better sleep, which in turn improves your relationships and productivity.

Slumber Ease provides custom mattresses for homes, marine vessels, RVs, and institutions. Contact us today to learn more about your options and get a quote.


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