Last updated on March 14th, 2024 at 10:36 am

Being on the open road can be the adventure of a lifetime, but getting good sleep in your camper is a different story. Although campers often have most of the modern comforts we need to enjoy ourselves, camper mattresses can sometimes negatively affect our sleep.

If you’re looking to upgrade your camper’s bedroom set up, a custom camper mattress from a manufacturer like Slumber Ease could help you get better sleep on the road.

Why Get a Custom Camper Mattress?

Campers come in all shapes and sizes, so buying a custom-made camper mattress is often the best way to ensure your small space feels comfortable.

Slumber Ease offers custom-made mattresses with many personalization options, such as cut corner mattresses, which can create more space in small sleeping quarters. In addition, when customizing your perfect camper mattress, you’ll be able to choose between a wide variety of sizes, firmnesses, thicknesses, materials, motion isolation technologies, and more.

Each custom detail can help you get the rest you deserve in your camper, RV, truck, or tent camper and make it feel more like home.

Custom Camper Mattress Sizes

custom camper mattress

There are tons of different custom camper mattress sizes. Here are some of the most common mattress sizes to install in your camper.

Short King: 72” x 75”

A Short King mattress is a bit shorter and narrower than your average household King mattress. 

RV King: 70” x 80” or 72” x 80”

An RV King is slightly more narrow but about the same length as an average King-size mattress. 

California King: 72” x 84”

A California King mattress is the longest mattress out of all RV mattresses. 

Short Queen: 60” x 74” or 50” x 75”

A Short Queen mattress is quite a bit shorter than a regular Queen, about five or six inches less in length. They are often narrower as well.

RV Queen: 60” x 80”

RV Queens are typically about the same size as a household Queen mattress.

Olympic Queen: 66” x 80”

An Olympic Queen mattress adds six inches to the width of a standard Queen mattress. 

Full: 53” x 74” or 53” x 75”

A Full mattress is typically about the same size as your average sofa mattress and is designed for sleeping partners who can sleep close together.

Short Full: 48” x 74” or 48” x 75”

Short Full mattresses are slightly shorter than the Full mattress and can fit into snug RV bedroom areas.

Twin: 38” x 74”

A Twin mattress is about the same size as a normal kid’s or teenager’s bed.

Twin XL: 38” x 80”

Twin XL mattresses are the same width as the Twin. However, they’re longer to accommodate a taller person. 

RV Bunk: 28 x 75”, 30 x 75”, 30 x 80”, 34 x 75”, or 35 x 80”

RV Bunks are very popular in family RV or camper situations. You can almost always expect these to be smaller in length and width than your average Twin mattress.

Crib: 38” x 52”

Crib mattresses aren’t as common as the other mattresses mentioned but are perfect for a toddler or newborn.

Our Custom Camper Mattress Fitting Process

At Slumber Ease, we make the custom mattress fitting process easy but thorough.

First, we determine what your needs are. For example, how hold or cold do you sleep? What kind of rig will the mattress be installed in? Do you have any health issues? These questions will help us determine the next steps.

Then, we will fit your mattress for you and your family, starting with the top depth and material. Once you’ve decided what feels best, we will determine what core material and depth works for you. Throughout the process, you can try out dozens of different mattresses to get a real feel for what fits your preference. 

Are you interested in ordering a custom-made camper mattress? Give us a call today to start customizing and get your best night’s sleep on the road.