Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 11:43 am

If you need a highly personalized custom-made mattress, look no further than Slumber Ease. We work with each customer to create the perfect mattress that is tailored to their needs, from unusual mattress shapes and materials to unique health needs and sleeping position support.

Here are just a few of the many types of custom mattresses we can make for you.

Custom-Made Mattress Types

Home Mattresses

Slumber Ease creates all kinds of home mattresses customized in any way you need. We work with a wide variety of materials, including high-quality innerspring, latex, memory foam, and other special materials to create the most comfortable mattress for each sleeper.

Our custom-fitting process ensures we can create a mattress with the right level of support and comfort layers. We can also build whatever size and shape mattress you need, including mattresses for custom bed frames.

Boat Mattresses

custom-made mattress

Our custom mattress manufacturing is not limited to the land. We can help you create the perfect marine mattress for your boat, complete with water-resistant materials and whatever unique shape you need to fit in your boat sleeping space. We’re used to working with V-berths, cut corner shapes, and other custom boat mattress shapes.

Custom-Made Yacht Mattress

Your yacht is worthy of a high-quality custom mattress. At Slumber Ease, we can work with you to create the perfect mattress to give you the best quality sleep on your yacht. We can create the ideal solution for any kind of yacht sleeping space.

RV Mattresses

Traditional RV mattresses are not made well for quality sleep. At Slumber Ease, we create custom RV mattresses to help you get excellent sleep even when you’re on the road. We can work with unique space constraints and develop special materials to help you avoid mold, dirt, and other common problems with RV mattresses.

Hinged RV Mattresses

Slumber Ease can create a high-quality hinged RV mattress that perfectly fits your space. You don’t have to sacrifice sleep quality just because your mattress needs to fold up at times.

Motorhome Mattresses

Slumber Ease can work with motorhome clients to create the ideal sleeping solution for their spaces. Whether you need a new mattress customized to your unique health needs and space constraints, or just need a better top layer to make your current mattress last longer, we’re here to help.

Custom-Made Camper Mattress

custom mattress

Camping is so much more fun when you get quality rest! If you don’t want poor sleep quality to get in the way of your camper experience, ask Slumber Ease to create a custom camper mattress that fits your space and sleep needs.

Van Mattresses

Need a high-quality mattress that can fit in your van? No problem. Slumber Ease can help you create the ideal sleeping surface with the materials and support layers most closely matched to your needs, in any size or shape.

Custom-Made Antique Bed Mattress

Antique beds can be a beautiful addition to your living space, but they don’t always match current standardized mattress sizes. If you need a high-quality mattress that fits your unique antique bed, contact Slumber Ease today.

Innerspring Mattresses

Many people find that the most comfortable mattresses for them are high-quality innerspring designs with the best materials. To level up your sleep, stop by the Slumber Ease Mattress Factory Showroom in Marysville, WA to experience the difference in comfort.

Baby, Crib, and Cradle Mattresses

Your little one deserves a quality sleeping surface with the best materials. We can create an excellent custom mattress for any size bed, including baby, crib, and cradle beds in unique shapes.

Custom-Made Pet Mattress

Tired of your home smelling like wet dog? Slumber Ease can custom cut a mattress in a water-resistant, cleaning-friendly material to fit your dog’s bed. No more constantly replacing your pet’s bed just to avoid the stink.

Custom-Made Mattress Sizes

Mattress Sizes

Custom mattresses can come in any size you can imagine. At Slumber Ease, we’re used to creating custom mattresses in unique sizes and shapes, including v-berth and cut corner mattresses for boats and RV spaces.

Beyond the standard mattress sizes of King, Queen, Full, and Tall, we often make unusual mattress sizes, such as:

  • California King: 72 x 84”
  • California Queen: 60” x 84”
  • Short Queen: 60” x 84”
  • Full XL: 53” x 80”
  • Twin XL: 38” x 80”
  • Custom sizes — whatever size and shape you specify

With Slumber Ease, you don’t need to worry about whether you will be able to get a mattress that fits your space. Even with unique sizes and shapes, the only real challenge will be finding sheets that fit!

Custom-Made Mattress Materials

Mattress Materials

At Slumber Ease, we can customize much more than just the mattress size. We also look at different materials to create the most comfortable bed for you and help you with your indoor allergies.

We can create mattresses with a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Innerspring mattresses, which use coils and layers of other materials such as natural fibers or foam.
  • Memory foam, which molds to the sleeper and creates a unique “sinking” feeling
  • Latex mattresses, which may be helpful for people with certain allergies.
  • Other foam mattresses with unique properties that can help with temperature control and other sleep needs.
  • Hybrid mattresses, which combine materials to create the ideal combination of pressure point relief, back support, and temperature control for the user.

If you stop by our factory, you can try out different mattress materials and combinations to identify the most comfortable sleeping surface for you. We will also determine the ideal weight-bearing core and mattress top depth for your sleep position. Many people come into our factory showroom thinking they want one type of mattress, then realize they prefer something different after trying it out and comparing it with others.

How Much Is a Custom-Made Mattress?

Custom-made mattress costs can vary quite a bit, but most are in the range of $1,000 to a few thousand at most. At Slumber Ease, our mattresses often cost significantly less than equivalent quality mattresses from other stores because we cut out the middlemen. We manufacture our own mattresses right here in Marysville, WA.

Get Started on Your Ideal Custom-Made Mattress

Slumber Ease has a unique custom-fitting process so we can create the ideal mattress for your unique body. Stop by our mattress factory to start your custom fitting process today, or contact us to get started on building a unique mattress for any space.