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If you are looking to sleep on a large bed, you may be wondering whether it’s better to get a standard King or California King size bed. While the two mattress types are similar, they are different shapes and have different advantages.

The best option depends on who is sleeping in the bed, the dimensions of your room, and a few other factors.

What Is a California King Bed?

A California King mattress is a longer, slimmer version of a King size mattress. With this mattress size, manufacturers typically add an extra four inches to the length and subtract four inches from the width, making a standard California King mattress 72” x 84”. It has almost the same surface area as a King size mattress at 6,048 square inches.

At some mattress stores, the California King may be the longest mattress you can find. You can easily tell the difference between a standard King and a California King bed because the standard King will have an almost square shape, while the California King will look more obviously rectangular.

You can remember the difference between a King and a California King mattress by thinking about what the state of California looks like on a map. California is one of the longest states, and the California King mattress is longer than a King.

A California King mattress comes with the connotation of luxury and even extravagance. However, many people choose this mattress size for practical reasons.

Which Is Better, a King or California King Bed?

King Bed

Both King and California King mattresses are large and feel luxurious to many users. However, it’s likely that one of them will work better for you and your partner than the other.

The best bed and mattress size for you depends on several factors:

Who Will Sleep In the Bed

A California King size bed is a great choice for most tall people. With 84 inches of length, your mattress will create a comfortable sleeping experience for anyone except the very tallest people. You don’t have to worry about stretching out, although you may not have room for pets or kids.

A King size bed works well for many couples with children or pets, as well as those who prefer more space between them and their partners. The shorter length will not be a problem for moderate-height people and those who are just a little taller than average. However, some people who are over 6’2” find that their feet hang off the mattress, especially if there are thick pillows taking up space at the top of the bed.

When it comes to motion isolation, both King and California King size mattresses are very good at limiting motion transfer. You can further reduce motion transfer by choosing a different mattress material.

Your Room Size and Shape

It’s always best to measure the dimensions of your bedroom before choosing a bed size. Your sleeping environment often determines your mattress size and shape.

If you have a long and narrow room, a California King is likely a better choice than a standard King. This mattress size will likely match your room dimensions better, depending on how you situate your bed. On the other hand, if you have a wide room, a regular King size mattress will likely look better than a California King.

Many people choose King size mattresses for guest rooms and master bedrooms. A 13 x 13” inch room or larger is ideal. We do not recommend placing King size beds in rooms much smaller than 12 x 10” as the mattress may not fit and will likely look cramped.

Your Budget

The price of a King and California King size bed will depend on the manufacturer. These two sizes have a similar square footage and are often close to the same price point.

However, the accessories for a California King mattress may be more expensive. Properly shaped bedding, bed frames, box springs, and mattress protectors can be hard to find. Since the dimensions are different, you typically can’t use King-size sheets on a California King bed or vice versa. You may end up spending more than you would on accessories for a different mattress size, simply because fewer brands carry items for California King size beds.

California King beds are becoming more popular with time, but they are still not as commonplace as standard King size beds. In some cases, this means that California King beds end up being more expensive.

Is There a Bigger Mattress Than a California King Bed?

King Bed

Contrary to popular belief, King and California King are not the largest mattress sizes around. There are several less common sizes you may find from some mattress factories:

Wyoming King

A Wyoming King mattress is an 84 x 84” square mattress. This is a good option for families who want to be able to fit three sleepers without giving up extra space between people. The length is the same as on a California King mattress, so a Wyoming King is another good option for many tall people.

Texas King

A Texas King mattress is 80 x 90”. This extremely long mattress can fit someone as tall as Shaquille O’Neal, who is 7’ 1”. Since it is slightly narrower than the Wyoming King, it may be a good choice for a long and narrow room, especially if you like extra legroom.

Alaska King

At 108 x 108”, an Alaska King is the largest standardized mattress size of all. You need a seriously large bedroom to fit a bed this size without feeling cramped. This fantastically enormous mattress provides enough space for several people to comfortably co-sleep together, even families with several children. Everyone can sprawl and get in and out of bed without disrupting each other.

You may be able to create an even larger mattress with a custom mattress factory. The right manufacturer will be able to create whatever mattress size and shape you need, even if it includes odd angles or round corners.

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